Make A Wish

"Its 11:11 make a wish." Jasper said closing her eyes, I thought for a second, anything i wanted, i could wish for,. I wish i could pick the love of my life. I opened my eyes seeing Jaspers are still closed, she opened them causing me to jump, "What did you wish for Bo?" "It wouldn't be a wish if i told you." i popped a grape in my mouth.


3. urg

Bo's POV

    I sat in my couch on the phone with Luke 

"So we are just chilling today, wanna come meet the band?" A smile grew on my face, "Of Course." i replied, "We will come get you in an hour?" "Perfect." "Okay gotta go." i hung up jumping up and in the my room, I went threw my clothes I grabbed a dark red and black and grey flannel that had bleached spots on it, and a pair of black leggings and my vans.i took puled my hair letting all my loose hair and bangs fall, and tied the rest in a small bun at the back of my head, i put on my make-up and looked at my phone, there was a knock, i looked at myself in the mirror, "perfect." I ran downstairs and opened the door, Luke pulled me in a hug. "Hello to you too." i laughed hugging back, "We made him." Ashton smiled, "ready." Luke asked, I locked the door closing it behind me, and nodded, "Shot gunn." Michael called jumping in, "Ill drive, " Ashton winked at me and Luke, I looked at him "They want us to date." He said opening the door for me I smiled sitting in, id ship it, i thought to myself. 

   We pulled parked the car in a lot and we all got out, "We are walking around town and doing shopping," "Cool. Ive never done this." "But you live here." Ashton said, "So."  We walked into a fudge shop, "Hey grace.." i said "Bo, what up." I pointed with my eye to the 4 boys walking around in the shop. "fuck no. isn't that 5 seconds of summer" i nodded, "lucky bitch." "NO SWEARING GRACE." her boss said, Grace is one of my only girly friends; Grace handed my fudge over, "i cant believe it , 5 seconds of summer," she said coming in the lobby area, We sat down at the little table, and within seconds Luke and Calum where sitting too, then Michael and Ashton, "Hello." Calum hanged his o out talking to Grace, "Hi, im Grace." she smiled, "You two are friends." Luke asked, "Since 3rd grade." she said. "Sweet, " Everyone started at there own conversations, Luke looked at me, "What?" "nothing." He smiled, i looked back at him and he was smirking at me, "dude," "your just cute." he whispered taking my hand under the table.

     We pulled up to my house, "Ill walk you in." Luke stepped out of the car with, We walked to the door and i reached for a fake rock opening it and putting the key in the door, i put it back throwing it in the gravel. "Ive never seen that in Australia" He laughed, "Now i can get in your house when i want." He smirked, I pushed the door open, "Your an idiot." i joked, "How come you keep to yourself alot." "I normal dont, just, you were distracting me." "How so?" i said throwing my purse on the couch, We walked in the kitchen "want anything." He shook his head, "But anyways, i dont know." "I think Michael likes Grace." i smiled, "Yhea, that would be cute," The car honked, "You better go before they throw a fit." i smirked at him taking a chip, "Yhea, ill call you yhea?" i nodded,    He walked over giving me a kiss on the cheek, he pulled away and for half a second i felt i was safe. He stood looking in my eyes, and soon his lips were against mine, All sound disappeared, like it was just Luke and I. The car horn stopped honking, and we moved perfectly along, He pulled away with a smile, "Your coming to the concert tomorrow." He kissed me one last time and he turned around and stopped, I looked around him, "Thats why he wasn't coming" Ashton smiled, "uh." i spoke softly. "urrm. I better go." he walked off, "Bye Bo." They laughed walking out the door.

    I quickly grabbed my phone "LUKE, i just kissed luke." "BO," he basically yelled, "What about Jarrett." I sat down on the bar, "they dont know." "BO, are you serious." "I didnt even mean to i just it happened, what do i do." "When does Jarrett get back." he asked, "i think tomorrow." He sighed, "Are you gonna tell him?" he asked softly, "no;" i whispered, "You have been with him since high school Bo, Tell him." "Ill try, just i-" "Bo just ill call you later im with Jane and Joe." I hugged my knees, as the door opened, "okay love you." "love you too."  "Bo." i jumped off the bar "Jarrett." I jumped in his arms.  "I misses you so so so much." He kissed my head, "You have no idea." he finished, "i squeezed tighter at the thought of Luke and the Kiss, "The past week was great I cant wait to show pictures." he said I rested my head on his chest, "are you okay." i nodded with a smile "just i met a pretty cool band yesterday and im still in shock." "who?" "5 seconds of summer." i replies letting go as he did, "Never heard of them." "Yhea nither did i." He laughed, "i missed you." He kissed me softly

   We layed in bed staring at eachother, "So what all did you do while i was gone." He asked, "Well hung with Luke mostly everyday, like you asked." He smiled, "I was with that band today and they want me to go to there concert." "tomorrow." he asked, i nodded, "thats fine, me and Brad are gonna go midnight golfing" i rolled my eyes playfully, "im not coming to get you outta jail this time." "We aren't getting caught." he laughed, "if you do, run this time." i smirked, "ohh hussh it." Kissing me i turned around and closed my eyes he pulled me closer to cuddle,

  My phone woke me up, "what luke." "TURN ON VUSE." I turned it on, "why wha- omg." "H-How did this get on the news, who gave it out." i yelled in the phone, Seconds after Luke was calling, "ill call you back, "BO, are you watching," "YEP, how." i yelled, "Ashton posted it on twitter , "the fans are gonna sworm you." i rolled my eyes, sitting on the bed, "Luke from new band 5SOS, kissing local Bo Barns." i heard, i looked up at the TV turning it off, "I HAVE A BOYFRIEND." i yelled in the phone, "I DONT CARE ABOUT THE FANS HE IS GONNA DUMP ME." i said just as loud 
"WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME I WOULDA BACKED OFF." i hung up and called Luke back, "im coming over." i said then hanging up, I grabbed a bag of clothes and put my hair up,

    Good Jarret is at work, perfect, I slumped in the car, i pulled out and drove off, i hit a red light and came to a stop i rested my elbow on the window and messed with my hair and drove off again,... I opened the door to Lukes place and set my stuff down, "Does jarrett know." he asked hugging me, i was in tears when he did that, his hugs make me break down, "i dont think so." He pulled me to a couch, "i didnt even wanna kiss him, but it just happened.

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