Make A Wish

"Its 11:11 make a wish." Jasper said closing her eyes, I thought for a second, anything i wanted, i could wish for,. I wish i could pick the love of my life. I opened my eyes seeing Jaspers are still closed, she opened them causing me to jump, "What did you wish for Bo?" "It wouldn't be a wish if i told you." i popped a grape in my mouth.


1. late night, afternoon

Bo's POV

      Jasper and I skipped up the stairs I opened my door having the cold air pushed against me, I turned my fan off jumping on my bed, Jasper dropped the snacks on the end of my bed. We settled down and she ripped open a bag of chips,  I turned on my tv turning it down a bit, Jasper sang along to the nannys theme song, i soon changes it as it gave me a mini headache. Jasper booed throwing food, i let out a laugh. "Its 11:11 make a wish." Jasper said closing her eyes, I thought for a second, anything i wanted, i could wish for,. I wish i meet the love of my life soon. I opened my eyes seeing Jaspers are still closed,  she opened them causing me to jump, "What did you wish for Bo?" "It wouldn't be a wish if i told you." i popped a grape in my mouth.  "It doesn't work anyway." she said crunching the chips in her mouth, i gripped my thigh, that sound annoys me. "So, ill keep the tradition of secret wishes." i popped another grape in my mouth. "Boo you whore." She mocked Mean Girls. "ha, ha." i sarcastically said.

       I peeked at Jasper, of course, sleeping. I turned off the TV, and putting on music threw my phone, Somewhere We Only Know, i loved this song i can only sleep with music playng. It brings memories, like when i was only 15 and my dad brought me to a "secret" fort in the park up the road, he said it was secret because it was hidden by trees but if you just looked you would find it. Its the thought that counts, right? I pulled the blankets up squeezing my petite body under. I pulled my knee up to my face tucking my left arm up and under my pillow, i closed my eyes.

     I sat up yawning i opened my eye, all i saw was pink, i grabbed the sticky note off my head, "Bo, i went home early sorry i didnt wanna wake you, you still haven't woke and its 2 pm, love Jasper," i looked at the clock, 3;47pm. "shit .shit shit shit shit" i said pushing the covers off and jumping up, i pulled drawers open looking for a black shirt, i slipped one on over my tank top and stripped my pants, i put on my blue skinnies and on my famous black vans. I searched my purse for my name tag, and pushed it in my shirt. I looked in the mirror and tied my bed head of a hair in a tie, i left on the make up from yesterday just wiping under my eyes. I was late enough for work.

   I opened the door, "Kenzie your late... Again." Luke said with a small laugh, "Is Derek here yet." He shook his head. "I punched you in already." i put my paper back in its slot. "Thanks." i said with a small smile. I grabbed a few CDs on the desk and looked at them "Who would throw out Blink182." i said looking at the next, "Right, in a few years that would be worth hundreds." He answered. I stood up with them and walking to the B section, "Is Derek not coming or something." I asked putting them in order on self's. "Yhea, he took Susie to daycare Hannah called him sick." Just as he stopped talking Derek shot in the door, "Oh look Kenzie is on time." He smiled, "Had a early morning." i lied, "Good keep it up." He went in the back as normal,

    The bell rang meaning customer. I walked over to the desk, "Got any Green Day." A man spoke, i stood up, "Right here." i said standing by it, "Anything you need," i asked, "Ueh, not really, This kid here has never heard of them" i opened my eyes wide, "Really." i looked at his friend, He nodded, "What a waz." i smiled, He picked one up, "that all." "No, i need a girly CD for my girlfriend," He said, "Luke, help him with that," i called walking away, "Why cant you." he asked, "I dont listen to that shit." i shrugged with a smile, His friends face light up with laughs, Luke was by there side guiding them to a different section,

    I sat at the desk messing with my phone, "Aaa heem," i looked up ," You know you cant be on.. That." Derek shot reaching for it, I pulled back, "Ill put it away then" i said pushing it in my pocket, he walked back to the back of the store. The two men set there CDs on the desk, "Green Day and Demi." i said, "Yhea that girl ive been wanting you to hear for the past week" Luke said grabbing my waist, My body perked up. I pushed him off "Fuck off." Luke laughed walking off, "You too, a th-" I cut him off. "Luke? god no, ive known him since preschool." Luke laughed from afar, "Her, ew.'' He said jumping up on the desk, "My names Luke also." He said, "You sound.. Like you aren't from here." Luke said, "We are from Australia." The other said, "And you are?'' Luke asked. "Dan, im here with him while he is on tour opening for a band." "Touurr, ayee, Whats your band." "5 second of summer." "niftty, You guys sound cool." I pulled out my phone going on youtube, Try Hard played. End of the song i turned it off, putting my phone away, "Soo." Luke asked, "Your good, not to bad," He smiled, "So who you opening for?" Luke asked Luke. "One Direction." I let out a laugh, "Isnt one gay." i asked "Two are." He answered, "I LOVE THEM." Luke  jumped, "ME TOO." Luke jumped with, i rolled my eyes, "WANNA MEET THEM." Luke stood still, "Your joking." He shook his head, "come on." luke said walking out, "come with." he looked at me, he grabbed my hand pulling my along. Great, i get to meet ew.

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