how can i love you now (sequel to tidal wave)

savannah and kylie, two mermaids, now human, face more problems then ever expected


6. I feel awful

Kylie's P.O.V.

Why did she say that! I'm not an attention whore. Dad pulled me down in the water so my arm was bitten off. I didn't make a big deal about it. And, she just leaves without us knowing. And, I didn't know she was gonna live here. I was on the couch with Niall and Tyler. He was holding him. I was still upset about what Savannah said.

"I'm gonna go unpack some more", I got up.

"Ok, What's wrong"

"I'm just still upset about what Savannah said. That's it", I went into the kitchen and unpacked some more dishes.


I opened the door. "Hey. I'm Zayn"

"Hey. Weren't you at the hospital with Savannah?"

"Yeah. I'm dating her"

"And, your name is Zayn. That's weird"


"Her ex boyfriends name is Zayn. One Direction"

"oh. Is the baby his"

"I don't know. It could be Harry's. Or Liam's"

"Wow... they love her"

"Well... Zayn kinda... raped her. He think it's Harry's"

"Oh. Well, I know how Harry looks, I'll see who's baby she has. I mean, Jesse is cute, and she wants her to be my baby too, but, I just wanna know who she really belongs to, and she won't tell me"

"I'm sorry. Well, we aren't talking to her soon because of the fight at the hospital, so I guess we pry wont see you for a while"

"Ok, well I'm gonna help her. Do you need help. I see the one arm gone, so I wanna help"

"Oh yeah, the one arm. I just pretend it's there and i can do anything I can do. I don't really need help. Thank you though", I thought of Savannah saying that I make a big deal about it and tears formed in my eyes.

"You ok?"

"Yeah, I just thought of Savannah. Well, I don't wanna keep you here, unless you wanna be here"

"I can hang out here for a while", I let him in.

"Hey" Niall came up to him.

"Hi, I'm Zayn"

"Niall. Aren't you with Savannah"

"Yeah. I'm also Austin Mahone's cousin"

"AUSTIN MAHONE!", I yelled.

"Yeah", Oh my god I love him... but I still prefer Niall, and 1d, but I also love Austin.

"Oh my god!"

"You're a fan?"

"Yeah, but I obviously prefer One Direction. It's kinda... obvious"

"Yeah", we both laughed.

After a while, he had to go before Savannah got nervous. It was pretty cool having him over. When he left, I started to unpack. Then, Tyler was hungry. I got a blanket and did what I had to do. "I'll unpack now", Niall said. He kissed my forehead and got up.


"No problem"


Niall opened the door. You can't see the couch from the door, so I'm good. "Was Zayn here", Savannah said.

"Yeah, why"

"I told him not to come"

"It's his choice. You can't do anything about it"

"I can't. But I can kill my sister", my head popped up.


"Why don't you come here Kylie. Too weak to fight"

"No. Tyler's eating. Let him finish he can't starve", she came in.

"Put the baby down"

"No", she grabbed him and put him on the couch. He started crying.

"Now, come on. You can't be a chicken"

"I don't wanna. I wanna take care of my kid! That doesn't make me a chicken. It's called being responsible", she hit me. "Niall take Tyler in the room", he and Tyler went in our room.

"Are you gonna fight now"

"NO!", She hit me again. "Just beat me up. I don't care", she continued to kick and hit me. She started to kick me in the stomach.

"Leave, don't live here, in the country. I came to get away from you"


"Yes I can. All of you, leave"

"Why can't you!"

"Because I don't have money for a house. You do. Leave"

"If we do, we aren't moving far. Pry like half an hour away", she kicked me one more time in the stomach and left, slamming the door. Niall came out, put Tyler in his crib, and ran up to me on the floor.

"Kylie! Why did you let her do this to you!"

"Because I don't wanna fight", he helped me onto the couch. I lifted up my shirt. My stomach is bruised. I went to go get an ice pack. I sat back down, then Tyler started to cry. I got back up and held him. He's pry still hungry.

I got the blanket that Savannah threw off of me and started to feed him again.

"Can you feed me", Niall said.

"There's food in the kitchen"

"Not that kind of food", he looked at where Tyler was.

"No! One kid is good enough for now!"

"Can we still have a little fun"

"Fine... but If I get pregnant again, I'm blaming it on you", he was leaning on my shoulder with no arm there. It doesn't really hurt. You would think it would, but it doesn't.

After Tyler fell asleep, we put him in our room and we covered the holes on it, so he can't see anything if he wakes up. I lied in bed, and Niall stood next to me. "What do you want", I whispered.

"You know", he sat next to me and kissed my neck.

"What if Tyler wakes up"

"He won't see anything, and we can be as quiet as possible"

"Maybe we can when Perrie comes. I thought, we can't leave him just to have fun. We can go in the other room, which you can hear everything in here in that room, but still"

"Yeah. When will she be here"

"Well, you guys go on tour in 2 more months and she wants to come 2 weeks early"

"We have to wait 6 more weeks!"

"Well yeah. And Tyler will be 3 months old. He'll be a little easier to handle. Then once he's almost a year, we'll be good"

"Can we do the 6 weeks one"

"Fine", we lied down. I felt a hand THERE. "Niall"


"No you're not"

"You know me. I love you, and I know you love me", he kissed me passionately. We kept it at that.We don't wanna do anything like that in front of Tyler.

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