how can i love you now (sequel to tidal wave)

savannah and kylie, two mermaids, now human, face more problems then ever expected


3. america

savannahs POV

i got on he plane at three o'clock and had this feeling something just happened, i wonder if kylie gave birth, i push that out of my mind, i fall asleep listening to music

when i wake up its morning and we are just about to land, i can see the statue of liberty as we arrive in new York, it is beautiful, and i thought i would never see such a big city, when the plane lands i buy a car and get an apartment until i can find a house, i unpack and settle in, investigating what i have, i have a small bed, and lots of room, i feel my baby kick a little, im planning on naming her destiny, i have always liked that name

i get a text from shane, i forgot to block his number

<from shane> where are you, kylie just had her baby and wants you home

<to shane> im not coming back, i believe you but i wont, im happy here

<from shane>where are you

i don't answer and block his number, i sit on the bed thinking i was right, i try not to think about him, or hem, and think about my baby girl, soon, they all will be just a memory

after i change i go to the store, i need food, i buy lots of things, for me, and the baby, destiny, i want her to be happy in life, i will get a dog when she is four, and i will try to find someone that can support us, but until then i need to find a job, but i still have my money from zayn, he is supporting me for two years, then is stopping, that's what we agreed before i blocked his number

"miss" a man says when im about to get in my car, i turn to se a boy about twenty, he walks over to me he is tall, has black curly hair, and steel blue eyes like mine

"yes" i say

"i saw you come out of your apartment and saw how beautiful you were, and you are very vulnerable to any attacks at this stage" he gestures to my stomach, under the big t shirt zayn gave me before i left

"and you like me so you wanna protect me" it was all in his eyes

"how did you know" he says

"i have had many guys go crazy for me before you" he blushes

"but you can come with me to the store, and come in to my apartment for a while, if i think you are a threat to me and my child, you wont come back to bother me again, and i will make sure of that, got it" he nods and gets in the passenger seat of the truck, on the way there i found out his name is zayn, he works as an electrician, and he found out i lved in England

"you have such a beautiful accent" he says, i look briefly at him, then back at the road

"thank you, i lived in England my whole live, then i decided i needed to start over, begin again, well, a third time" i say

"what was the second time" zayn asks

"my father, and me and my sister, got into a disagreement, so me and my sister kylie, moved in with some guys who willingly took us in, and for a while things went good, until i broke up with my boyfriend then he went insane" we turn into the parking lot of Wal-Mart

"ok, here is some of the things i need you to get" i hand him a list of food

"ill meet you at the truck" i say and walk in with a cart, he does too and we turn separate ways, so far he is a really good guys, he is caring, he listens to everything i say, and he seems pretty down to earth, he's not the kind of person to want much of anything expensive, he wants to do things on his own when he can, and he is good in teamwork

"are you finding everything alright" an employee walks up to me

"yes thank you" i say and smile

"no problem" he says and walks away, i finish getting stuff for me and the child and go to the cash register, when i get done zayn is not back at the truck yet so i get in the passenger seat, not feeling well and going to let him drive when he gets back, it takes him about ten minutes, i was watching birds on the ground outside  when he opened the back door i jumped

"sorry, wait, aren't you driving" he asks looking at me while putting some of the stuff in the back

"i don't feel good, i need rest, the child is making me feel sick" i laugh, he smiles and finishes putting the stuff away, he gets in the drivers seat and smoothly drives off, when we get back to my apartment he brings the stuff in, i offered to help but he insisted i get rest, so i sit on the bed,  he finishes brining the stuff in and closes the door

"did you lock the truck" i say, he nods and puts the keys on the dresser in my room, he sits on the bed next to me

"so, how can we learn more about each other" he asks, i think for a second

"two truths and a lie" i say, his eyes light up

"i love that game, you first" he says and fixes himself on the bed so he is more comfortable

"ok, my father tried to kidnap me, i have been raped, more than once, and i have never met the famous boy band one direction"

"you are tuff to beat, um, you have been raped more than once is the lie" he says

"no i have been raped more than twice " his face drops, but he still has a smile

"you have, um, ok, the third one is the lie" he says i nod

"you met one direction" he says

"yeah, my sister and i lived with them, well she still does, but i don't anymore, it was just too much drama, i couldn't take it" i say, he caringly puts his hand on my cheek

"that must be hard, well, i am Austin mahones cousin" he says

"are you" i say

"yeah, i really am" he says, "i can bring him here to meet you if you want, he would do anything for e, even though i am older than him, i count on him for a lot of things" he says

"how old are you" i ask

"twenty one, you" he says

"eighteen, im kinda young, but i really don't care" i say, we talk for the rest of the afternoon, then he leaves, he is coming back tomorrow morning, he is a good friend, and i feel i will have him for a long time

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