We Meet Again

Kayla and her Best Friend Crystal get to go on tour with One Direction because Crystal's Dad got a new job as their manager. Kayla and Crystal have already met the boys before. They had a bump into at the hotel they were at when Kayla and Crystal went to 1 of their concert in London. Will they be falling for the boys, like they were told not to? Read to find out.


24. What Have I got in to

                 Louis's POV:


I woke everyone up so we could get to the photo shoot on time. Kayla woke up first she tackled me to the ground we always messed around never thing we know I hit the counter where the tea was got knocked down. We were dead. There was tea everywhere and Crystal's dad told us no more breaking dishware. We were in for a huge lecture. What have we got in to. 


                 Crystal's dad's POV:


I came out to find tea everywhere. I was upset another thing to pay the hotel for. Great.

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