We Meet Again

Kayla and her Best Friend Crystal get to go on tour with One Direction because Crystal's Dad got a new job as their manager. Kayla and Crystal have already met the boys before. They had a bump into at the hotel they were at when Kayla and Crystal went to 1 of their concert in London. Will they be falling for the boys, like they were told not to? Read to find out.


4. Hilton Inn

We checked in when we got to the hotel. Our room had 4 bedrooms Harry and Louis are sharing 1, Crystal and me, Niall, Liam and Zayn in 1. Plus Crystal's dad had his own room. When we got our stuff unpacked Crystal's dad had to go to a meeting about the boys "Meet & Greet" later that week,so we were just us there Crystal, The Boys and me. We all wanted to get to know each other more but me and Niall knew alot about each other because 1 night when we first met in the hotel in London the boys were out, Liam was on a date with Crystal so we were left alone and know each other ALOT. So I was first I told the basics my name was Kayla Wiliance I'm 19 my fav color is Purple I am in love with Zebra's and i had a older brother and a half sister. And, so on. We watched Toy Story 1-3 till Crystal's dad came back.Then, we all went to bed because it was 12:30.

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