We Meet Again

Kayla and her Best Friend Crystal get to go on tour with One Direction because Crystal's Dad got a new job as their manager. Kayla and Crystal have already met the boys before. They had a bump into at the hotel they were at when Kayla and Crystal went to 1 of their concert in London. Will they be falling for the boys, like they were told not to? Read to find out.


3. Florida Here We Are

We just arrived in Miami, Florida and I was awoken by Kayla and Louis screaming names. "What the heck." I said, Kayla and Louis pointed at each other and said at the same time "He/She stared it." Then, Liam ran in Kayla's spot and said "We are now in Miami but, if I were you i wouldn't get up they are having a ice war together and will not let us out so wait till they finish" then ran back to his seat with Crystal. After, Kayla called "You win" to Louis we all got out. Kayla looked a little hurt because it looked like she was trying to hold back tears. I asked her "What's wrong?" she replied by saying "Oh, Louis accidently hit my eye with an ice cube but, I am fine." She still looked like she was in pain but, I just let it go because it she looked at me with a don't say anything face on. Next, we got a cab to the hotel which was hard with all the fans crowding us.

                  Kayla's POV:

Finally we got 3 cabs to fit us all Crystal, her dad and me in 1. Harry, Louis in 1 and Niall,Zayn and Liam in 1.

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