We Meet Again

Kayla and her Best Friend Crystal get to go on tour with One Direction because Crystal's Dad got a new job as their manager. Kayla and Crystal have already met the boys before. They had a bump into at the hotel they were at when Kayla and Crystal went to 1 of their concert in London. Will they be falling for the boys, like they were told not to? Read to find out.


22. Falling and Feelings

                 Niall's  POV:


As I swam back to shore with Kayla it was getting dark. The perfect time to tell her how I feel. "Kayla want to go on a walk with me on the beach?" "Sure!" She always seemed so carefree and cheerful that's what I love about her.<3 We started to walk but before we went to far she yelled over to Crystal "Don't wait up for us." I wondered what would be to wait up for. Ooooohhhhh maybe FOOD!!! :) wait, you are here to tell her your feelings. Ok. "Kayla, I really really like you I think I love you, too. I want to be with you don't think about the other guys they know I want you more than they do." "Niall, I did not know you felt that way but but I don't know I mean I love you as a friend. We have been friends for a long time I don't want to ruin that." Then she walked away.


                  Kayla's POV:


I loved Niall only as a friend, I know I said I would not fall for Harry but there's just something about him. I could not explain. I was falling for Harry.

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