I Changed Him, And He Changed Me

My name is Olivia, If I must say so I am the popular bitch of the school. But one day that all changes... I get partnered with the dork in art class, I don't even know the kids name! But somehow, He changes me and I change him.


6. What happens next?

*Olivia's P.O.V*

School has ended and I'm on my way home, it's about a 10 minute walk till you reach my house. I daydreamed about how tonight is going to go and for some reason I dreamed that Niall and I are going to kiss?!?! Hopefully not. I finally reached my house. I unlocked the door and stepped inside. I took my shoes off and put them next to the door. I look around and realise no one is home. I make my way over to the kitchen to stuff my face with varieties of food. I place my phone on the counter and my way over to the cupboards. Before my hand touches the cupboard door my phone starts to ring. I look at caller ID and see it's Niall. I answer the phone.


O- Hey Niall.

N-Hey Olivia, I'm just away to leave my house so I'll be at yours in 10 minutes.

O-Okay thanks for letting me know Niall see you soon!


*End of conversation*

*Niall's P.O.V*

I'm in my room getting ready. I've got my famous geek glasses on. I am wearing a shirt, a sweater vest and black trousers. I have my hair slicked back with loads of gel. I look at myself satisfied with the way I look, I walk downstairs and call Olivia. And when I say call Olivia I mean sit there for 10 minutes debating with yourself to call her or not. I eventually gather up the courage and call her.

Okay, I have to be at Olivia's in 10 minutes so I pick up my art folder and walk out the door. I walk up to my car and climb in. I put the folder in the passenger seat, I start the car and I'm off!

I park outside Olivia's house and get out the car whilst grabbing my binder. I walk up to the door and knock. I hear someone running around and something fall. Two minutes later Olivia opens up the door and I.....


*Authors Note*

Sorry for the short chapter.... Ohh cliff hanger, I wonder what going to happen, Well I do, you's don't haha. Anyway comment if you want to be in the story or Kik me! tammybrown1998. PEACKIES!<3


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