Bad Boy Brooks

~~Luke brooks fanfic~~wat happens when ur family dosent accept ur relationship but you know youre doing the right thing and no one else does~~crazy shit come on and read it~~


6. Clubbing

Luke's p.o.v.

We started walking and out to the street i put my arm around her waist so she would be close to me.

we just walked quietly,we were bored

then we got to the club i talked to the securities then they let us in 

'Lets get drunk as hell tonight'she screamed before we got to the bar 

and thats exsactlly what we did

after like 35 shots each we decided to go dance well more like grind for a while then we got tired and went to hers,the rest i totally forgot

*next morning*

i woke up then my head was like pounding then after a while i could finally see better and i looked around to notice that i was at my babe's then i look at her and she had the covers over her so i moved them to see her when i see her like cumpletely butt baked and then i think 'shit did we do it last night?' Then i lift up the covers from me a d see that im also butt naked then i realise that we did do it just then she woke up

'ayye baby' she said

'hey....babe do u know if we did it cause i dont remember?'

'i guess but who cares it was with you and thats wat matters right?'

'of course i would never regret it' then i squish her boob before i kiss her fuckin sweet lips

'oh hey babe there something you should also know my brother always comes to wake me up since he gets home from work like at 10:00 am but its only...just then her door busted open and it was no other than tyler her brother

'bitch wake....up WTF happened here,i know u guys did it dont try to deny it'

'unmm well i guess its time for me to go'

i nealed down and reached my boxer and put it on under the covers then i got up and went to the corner were i had my pants i pulled them up and buttoned them i got my shirt and threw it over my shoulder 

'nigga get the fuck out of here before i kill u'

i walk over to my babe ignoring tyler and just give her so sugar and she gave me some back before i saw tyler about to attack me i just said 'later babe' before i ran out the window and started jogging to my house since i forgot my stupid shoes




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