Bad Boy Brooks

~~Luke brooks fanfic~~wat happens when ur family dosent accept ur relationship but you know youre doing the right thing and no one else does~~crazy shit come on and read it~~


11. Chapter~11

Alexandra's p.o.v.

Omg i can't even believe that im finally moving back to my hometown of new jersey! Im finally leaving frorida.not that i hate it or anything but all the classes are harder then in jersey. I just want to go back u know meet up with my old friends and neighbors. Its been 5 years since i moved to florida ,no one probably remembers me :( anyways. I guess ill just find out when i get thoughts got interupted by my mom screaming from down stairs "are u packed sweetie?" "What?yea hold up just forgot something" i lied. I haddent even packed anything!so i started.

lukes's p.ov. 

It was going to be yulissa's birthday in 2 days and i wanted to surprise her with a secret party. The invitations i had already passed out to everyone who i invited.jai sai that he would get the snacks and beau said he would try to hire a good dj.My mom was ok with the whole party thing especially since it would be on a saterday. All that was left is to trick her into coming whitout knowing. Today i was going to take her  out shopping for something she could wear. I told her tgat we were going clubbin on saturday so she was fine with it. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~after schooolll~~~~~~~~~~

We had to walk all the way to my house since beau was leting me use his car to take her d

shopping.when we got there i asked her if she was hungry and she said 'yea a little' i responded with 'cool me 2 lets go see wat my mom made today.' We make our way to the front door then i open it. Jai was sitting at the table eating with my mum 'sup? were hungry so wat is there to eat?' 'Well I made pasta do u guys want that?' My mum asked. 'Sure' my babe responds then we take a seat and my mum brings us our plates and we start was pretty good.'so do u wanna go now?' i ask her 'yea,lets go' she says getting her stuff and getting up like me 'bye thank you for the food ms.brooks it was really good' she says before i grab her hand and we walk outside together to beaus car.I turn on the engine and were off.the mall was pretty close luke 8 minutes from my house.As i park i catch her starring at me bitting her bottom lip.ugh shes so fuckin sexy.i just want her right now.i turn off the engine then look at her the same way she was looking at me .she laughs and i take that chance to lean in and shove her to the window and press my lips on her sweet tasty ones she just smirks and kisses back more aggresivly making me moan loud and hella want her.shes such a tease.i want her.i start indtantlly pulling off her tank top revealing her sexy bright blue bra that definetly shows off her huge round squishable damn ive been staring at them for a while now.then i got out of my transe when i felt her giving me a big hickey.then she undid my belt and stuck her hand in my jeans just touching my D.teasing me.I finally decided that if we were gonna do this we were gonna do this now! i pulled off my shirt really fast to see her touching all over my abs.she wants me snd i can feel it.i pulled down my pants and threw thenm on the ground while she told me to pull her shorts down.i did as asked with pleausure then i came face to face with her black underwear.she looked sexy asf like that!!she can be a victoria secret model like for real.i grabbed her waist and carried her to the back seat like a baby even though she is my baby.i then jumped there and threw off my boxers at her and she smilled when she saw the D.then i decided to have a little fun first i kissed her all rough and sexual we were enjoying this so much!we we were making out on top of eachother and i was sqeasing her boobs and bitting them the were so perfect.i did this while she was licking/bitting my neck all the way to my thighs.damn she should get her belly button pierced it would look good on her.then we just decided enough teasing and finally did IT. ;) (smirks)


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