Bad Boy Brooks

~~Luke brooks fanfic~~wat happens when ur family dosent accept ur relationship but you know youre doing the right thing and no one else does~~crazy shit come on and read it~~


9. Being cute

Alisa's p.o.v.

i had just got to school but the wierd thing was that my babe didnt pick me up to bring me :( which is so unlike him.just then i got a text from him 'hey babe♥' 'heyy cutey were r u?' 'Look behind u' i turned around to see him standing there smerking all sexy 'sup babe do i get some sugur?' He said winking at me 'lol id reather tease u i said before i licked his jaw line and i could tell he wanted more so then i just all of a sudden jump on him griping myself from his neck and smashing my lips on his.he instantly kissed back💋


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