Bad Boy Brooks

~~Luke brooks fanfic~~wat happens when ur family dosent accept ur relationship but you know youre doing the right thing and no one else does~~crazy shit come on and read it~~


13. Alexandra??

Lukes p.o.v.

"Alexandra???"i asked shocked. Did she come back? What happened to her? Does she want me back? What is she doing here? Does she want to ruin my happiness? All these random questions were flooding throught my brain and i didnt know what to think. "yup its me babyz im back so we can be happy together!" She said while wraping her arms around my neck pushing me closer to her. She was also shoveing her big tits in me face probably thinking id get horn. Ha this bitch, crazy as i remember. I then replied to her "Yea to bad theres just one thing, i have a girlfriend that im maddly in LOVE♥️ with. And this party is for her." I said right to her face. "You do i didnt know you moved on (she gasped) i though you were happy to be mine but i guess im not enough for you."she sais shocked apperently.


to be continued cause im busy...

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