My Real Life

Lily is your typical, average girl. What you should know is...Lily's dad is Simon Cowell. He finds out that Lauren and her best friend Courtney more to find out.


4. Meeting Charlie and Des

Drew pulled up to my mum's house. It was snowing, and their was an inch of snow on the driveway.
   "Des must've forgotten to snow blow," I thought. "Or he's waiting for it to stop snowing."
   I got out from the car, and grabbed my stuff from the trunk. Court was already at the door. I walked up, and knocked. A few seconds later, a little girl was there.
   "Well hello. Are you Charlie? I asked.
   The little girl ran away. My mum walked up.
   "Don't min little Charlie. She doesn't talk to anyone at school. Come on in. It's chilly," she said.
   "Drew!" Yelled Court.
   "Coming!" He responded.
   Drew sprinted up the stone stairs, leading to the front door. Court was giggling because he had snowflakes in his hair. 
   I walked in, and I instantly saw a guitar. I set down my stuff on the floor, by a chair, and headed over by the guitar.
   "Court," I said, and nodded my head by the guitar.
   We both walked over, and we sat down. We sat in dining room chairs, and I propped the guitar on my thigh.
   "What song should we sing?" I whispered.
   "I don't know," Court responded.
   "Can you sing Long Distance?" Charlie asked.
   "Of course!"
   *strum strum strum*
   "I heard you where. Just passing through. I never meant to get attacked to you. The day we met I still hold onto.." I sang. 
   "It was outta of the blue. You played a show, and we locked eyes, by the stereo. I fell into, your eyes so blue." Court sang.
   *ding dong*
   My mum got up to get the door, and she made a signal to keep singing. 
   "No matter how it goes, goes, goes. I just want you to know, know, know. I'm
reministing, thinking about is kissing. And could you take, take, take. A million miles away, way, way. It's you missing, in this loonnggg distance."
   I saw who walked through the door, it was Harry Styles and his crew. It should've registered that my mum's last name was Styles, and she married Des Styles. 
   "We keep in touch, though out of reach. I almost wish, we didn't meet. It's not enough, to keep romance sweet," Court sang.
   "I was outta of my mind. To let you in. I should of thought, of you as just a friend. And now you've got me out, until the end," I sang.
   "No matter how it goes, goes, goes. I just want you to know, know, know. I'm
reministing, thinking about is kissing. And could you take, take, take. A million miles away, way, way. It's you missing, in this loonnggg," we both sang.
   "But it makes a good story, anyway. All the memories created in one day. I guess they found a place to stayyyy. So we're re keeping up with this phone tag. Missing messages and signs that were not ok. Just pretend you feel the same," I sang. 
   "No matter how it goes, goes, goes. (Oh how it goes) I just want you to know, know, know. I'm
reministing (ooohh) thinking about us kissing. And could you take, take, take. (Could you take) A million miles away, way, way. That you were missing. In this loonnggg. Distance!" We both sang.
   "You girls are terrific!" Des said.
   "Absolutely amazing," the boys said.
   "Mum can I talk to you in you bedroom?" I said.
   "Sure honey," she said.
   We went to the master bedroom, and I closed the door.
   "Why didn't you tell me that Harry Styles, was Des's son!?"
   "I thought you knew."
   "No mum, I didn't. I didn't go to your wedding, remember?"
   "I never got an invitation, the only time we ever see each other is now! You never have invited me to come and meet Des! You left! You never said goodbye to me! You just left without a word!" 
   I left the room at that. I didn't care that I never heard my mum's explanation, but what she did was wrong. 
   It was dark out, and Des had started a campfire. Court was cuddling with Drew, and I sat by myself. Niall came over and sat next to me.
   "You seemed lonely," he whispered. 
   "I was, but now I'm not," I responded.
   Since we were sitting on a love seat chair (tailgate chair), I snuggled up to Niall, and rested my head on his shoulder. He had his arm around me, and I had one of my hands on his chest, and the other around his waist. 
   Niall roasted two marshmallows, and made two s'mores. He handed one to me, and started eating the other.
   "Why, thank you Niall," I said and kissed his cheek.
   I saw him blush, but he tried to hide it. 

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