My Real Life

Lily is your typical, average girl. What you should know is...Lily's dad is Simon Cowell. He finds out that Lauren and her best friend Courtney more to find out.


18. Emergency

  *months later*
   I live alone, in a new flat, considering Zac, thought I was too good to go out with him, but not Niall. It's not small, but it's perfect for one-two people. 
   I was cleaning up my room, when the doorbell rang. 
   "I'll be right their!" I yelled.
   I was waiting for Court to come over. We were going to have a movie marathon. I quickly put my ring, that Niall had given me, years ago, because I was kind of hoping it was him, but I didn't get my hopes up.
   I walked down the stairs, and opened the door. Niall was standing their. 
   "Hey," he said.
   "You look beautiful."
   "Thanks. Come on in."
   I was jamming music, and Niall's part was on in More than this. 
   "If I'm louder, would you see me? Would you lay down, in my arms and recuse me? Cuz we arreeee, the same. You saved me, but when you leave it's gone again."
   " still listen to us?"
   "Yeah. Sometimes. It helps me clear my mind."
   "Would you like anything to drink?"
   "No, I'm fine."
   "What about food?"
   "You know me."
   "So you want a sandwich on white, with turkey, provolone, lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers?"
   "Sure, but that's what you like."
   "That is true. Do you want to"


  He got off of the bar stool, and put his hands on my hips. We stood there for a good five minutes. I had my arms around his neck. We were leaning in to kiss when...
   "If I'm louder, would you see me? Would you lay down, in my arms-" my phone rang.

   I started coughing.
   "Mum? What's wrong?"
   "It's Charlie!"
   "Mum, what happened to Charlie!?!"
   "She's in the hospital! I don't know what happened!"
   "Mum! I'll be their in a hour or so. I'll pick you up, and we'll head to the hospital together."
    "Ok. Please hurry!"
    "I will, and I'll call Harry. Bye! See you soon!"
    "Bye honey!"
    I hung up, and saw Niall staring at me.
    "Is everything alright?"
    "No. Charlie's in the hospital."
    "I'll take you."
    "I have to call Harry, and we have to pick up my mum."
    "Ok. We'll take my car, since its park in front of yours."
    I dialled Harry's number, as I walked outside.
    "Hello," he said.
    "Harry! We have to get to Cheshire ASAP!"
    "Charlie's in the hospital!"
    "I'll meet you at the hospital!"
    "Ok. Bye."
   We arrived at the hospital, and before Niall stopped the car, I opened my door, and ran inside.
   "Hello miss. How can I help you?" The secretary asked.
   "What room is Charlie Styles in?"
   "She was admitted, three hours ago, and she's done x-rays, so..." She pressed keys. "She's in room 249."
   "How do you get to room 249? Sorry I've never been here before."
   "It's fine."
   I pulled out my phone.
   "You go straight to the elevators. Once you're off the elevator, you walk down, turn left, and then walk down that hallway, and you find 249."
   "Thank you."
   "Your welcome."
   The doors opened behind me, and my mum, Harry, and Niall all walked in. I started walking towards the elevator. They followed.
   We finally found the room, considering, Harry didn't listen to my directions. I softly knocked. We heard light, but they were a little heavy. 
   "Hello!" The man said.
   "Des. It's us."
   "Come on in."
   We walked in, and saw Charlie hooked up to a lot of machines. My mum had tears in her eyes. Charlie was too young to be like this. She's only 11, and she shouldn't be going through this pain.
   She laid their...motionless. My mum was crying into Des.  Harry was holding Charlie's left hand, and staring at the ground. Niall wrapped his arm around me, and put his head on mine. 
   A nurse came in with the X-rays.
   "Hello. I'm nurse Jackie, and I'm going to be taking care of Charlie while she's here," she told us. 
   "What happened to her?" My mom said.
   "She fainted, and that caused her to go into a coma. She also has a tumour."
   "In her..." Nurse Jackie checked her clipboard. "Her tumour is in her stomach"
   By that point I started crying. Niall pulled me in for a hug.
   "Don't worry. We can give her therapy to get her better. She just has to stay here, until she wakes up from her coma. We gave her medicine, so then she would wake up from her coma, and that should wake her"
   Charlie woke up.

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