Dangerous Love

What happenes to Marika if she meets Harry again?Will her secrets come out?


1. Seeing you again

Harry's POV

We came off the stage and went to our dressing room.''So is your sister 

coming out with you tonight?''Louis asked me while I was changing my 

clothes.''Well karola said she'll be coming but I'll have to give her a 

call.'' I said smiling. I haven't seen her for about 3 months now ,because 

we were busy with tour and she had to always work. Luckily now she has a 

week off and I can see her.I was about to call her but Niall cut me off by 

screaming. ''Could you not?'' I said angrily ,''Sorry buddy''He said 

skipping away ,laughing. Why is he so happy? '' Exuse me i'm going to call 

my sis''I said and everybody knows that, that is the moment you have to be 

quiet. I was standing there waiting for her to answer. After about waiting 

for a whole 1 minute she answered.''Hi,I'm sorry I couldn't answer that 

fast I was busy.'', ''It's okay,I was wondering are we still going out 

tonight. The boys might come too because they haven't seen you in years 

and Zayn's sister is maybe coming too'',''If they're coming hell yeah i'm 

coming and can i take my friend with me?'',''Yeah,ofcourse'',''Kk, so 

where are we exatly going?''she asked,''That sis, will be a suprise''I 

said smiling.''I'll pick you up at eight'',''Kk Bye''.I hung up and 

returned to the boys.'' Okay guys we're going out tonight'' I said with a 

huge smile on my face.''Yeiiiii''. At that moment Zayn sister Edith walked 

in.''Hi boys she said mocking Liam from the Best song ever video. I was 

laughing my ass of and so was everyone else. ''I guess you have seen the 

video??''Zayn asked,''Hell yeah. It was on repeat for the whole day 

yesterday''Edith said laughing.''Edith, we're going out with Karola 

and...'',''Ofcourse i'm coming'' She said before i was capable to finish 

the centence.''okay then,Let's go we have to pick her up before we go 

PARTY! '' I said rising my hands. We walked to a small bus.It was 

strangely quiet. Usually all the fans would be waiting for us outside but 

there were none. I guess they we're bored of waiting or something. I told 

the bus driver we're we going and off we went.We arrived at her apartment, 

I stepped out of the van and knocked on her door. She opened the door and 

jumped to my opened arms. ''Hi lil sis'' i said,''Hi big bro''. i saw a 

girl stand behind her and she was waving at me.''marika?'' I asked with a 

confused expression on my face.''Hi Harry'' She said smiling. I walked 

past Karola and went and hugged Marika. She snuggled into my chest. I 

liked it that way. ''Kmh, Are we gonna go?''Karola said. I stepped away 

from Marika and she was smiling on the ground. I smiled. We all walked out 

of the apartment to the van. I was sitting next to Marika and Niall. 

Zayn,Edith and Karola sitting behind us, Liam was sitting in the front 

next to the driver.

Marika's POV

I screwed up again.''I have to call someone''I tought to 

myself.''Karola''.I picked up my phone and dialed Karola's 

number.''Karola?''I asked,''Yes this is she, who am I speaking to?'' She 

asked too politely.''it's me Marika. Can I stay with you for a couple of 

days?'',''What did you do now?''She asked annoyed.''Umm,I'll explain when 

I'm there'',''Wait,I didn't even say you could stay'',''Can I?'',''Hell 

yeah you can. I haven't seen you in years''.''Thanks'' I said and hung up. 
I arrived at my house.I  Opened the door and walked in. I grabbed a few 

things from my bedroom and walked out locking the door. I stopped at a bus 

stop and waited. After 5 min of waiting a bus came. I stepped in, payed 

the driver and took a seat in the far back. i plugged my earphones to my 

phone and trifted to my own little world. I was listening to Over 

agian(BTW fav song :P) when there was a tap on my shoulder.''Can I sit 

here?''I boy with really short brown hair said.''Sure''. I didn't really 

pay ettention to look up and see who it really was but I didn't care. 

After a long half an hour drive I stood up from my seat and started to 

walk towards the exit but i didn't get far because the boy who sat next to 

me grabbed my hand''I didn't catch your name'',''Marika''I said and walked 

away,''Well, see you around Marika''.I didn't even bother to look who it 

was I just kept walking. As I was reaching Karola's house I stepped in a 

puddle.''Fuck''I cursed and walked to Karola's house.I knocked on the door 

and heared a scream coming from the house.The door flew open.The newt 

thing you know I was attacked by a hug.''OMG,Hiiii.I've missed you so 

much.How have you been?What happened?Have you eaten?Do you want some 

food?'',''Umm..'',''Sorry, I'm just so happy to see you''Karola said 

smiling crazy.''Well come in and make yourself home'',''Thanks for letting 

me stay''I said while sitting on the couch,''I'm happy to help. Oh, I'll 

probably show your room''She said standing up.I followed her up the stairs 

and to the end of the corridor where she opened the door.''This is where 

you'll be staying''She revealed a room with a big double sized bed a walk 

in wardrobe, private bathroom and a balcony witch had a view to the 

sea.''This is too much and how is this room so big and has a view to the 

sea? From the outside there was no sight of a sea and it was way 

smaller'',''Well you gotta look inside before you judge'' She said while I 

was admireing the view. You could hear the waves crashing to the beach and 

trees ringing.I smiled and turned to karola.''Thank you'',''No prob.Now 

you're gonna explain why are you here in the first place''She said smiling 

and sitting on the bed.



I hope you liked the first chapter of the story and I'd like to get some 

feedback too.
I'm gonna write the second chapter as soon as I can.
Bye my Crazy Mofos :P

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