Dangerous Love

What happenes to Marika if she meets Harry again?Will her secrets come out?


5. Past

A/N I'm sorry for not updating for about 3 weeks. Yeah it's been a while. I was busy with school and BTW school sucks. I already got a D in History and I hate the teacher too. I think no one likes him. I decited to uptade and it isn't long and I didn''t know what to write So i just putted something together. And if you have any ideas please live them in the comments section I'd really appreciate it. I would love to hear what would you think should happen.Hope you like the story and this has been hell of a long A/N

Bye Y'all Crazy Mofos <3


*A few weeks later*


Marika's POV


It has been a few weeks of my relationship with Harry. I've now moved in with him because I didn't want to disdurb Karola. She said it didn't bother her but you know i still didn't want to disdurb her and now she's living on her own again. I kind of feel bad about it because i kind of left her for her brother. Me and Harry have been getting along pretty well. We haven't had any fight or anything and I haven't told him about my past.What happened before I met him.


*two years earlier*


I was standing on porch of my old best friend house and finally decited to knock on the door. She opened it and i screamed in her face: '' You thought that i wouldn't find out didn't you? Well i got it all sorted out and i know every fucking little detail of what happened!'',''What are you talking about?''She asked with a smirk,''How you dated my boyfriend, oh sorry ex-boyfriend behind my back. I thought we were friend. I even backed you cookies'',''Well the cookies  tasted like shit and by the way i was never your best friend. I just dated you so your life will be a living hell. Remeber when you stole my boyfreind in kindergaren, and now you got it all back and didn't you ''boyfriend'' tell you that he didn't love you he was just pretending the whole time?''She said laughing,''You did it because of some stupid shit  I did in kindergarden? Do you realize how stupid you are?'',''I don't care that it happened a houndred years ago it hurt me and i lost my loved one'' she said with a smirk,''You lost your loved one? I don't think you even knew what love was at that age''I spat,''And BTW you didn't deserve him. I saw how you treated him. You made him do all of you chores and stuff. I just saved him from you. He even thanked me after that'',''Well i don't care i lost him and paired up with Jack to make your life a hell''and after that she slapped me and I took a gun out of my back pocket and shot her. I always carried a gun with me if anything happened. I ran away and when made my way in the part i sat down and realized what i just did. I just killed a person for something very stupid. What have I done? Tears started to form in my eyes and a moment later i was crying. 


* The day I met him*(BTW the same day but i thought to put it as another thingy)


I heared someone come but i didn't care.'' Are you okay?'' A husky voice said,''Yeah''i said between sobbs,''No your not. I can tell because your crying'',''No shit Sherlock''I said with a little too much sass(or whatever you could call it).The guy ket quiet and just sat there and putted an arm around me. I snuggled my head in to his chest and let a waterfall come out of my eyes.''I-i'm so-orry for being so mean'' i said as i lifted my head and saw his beautiful green eyes,''It's okay. I know your upset and that can make some people kind of mean'' he said laughing.

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