The Marauders and I

Rosalinda Jones is a young witch who is a student at Hogwarts school of witch craft and wizardry. In her first year, she meets the Marauders, Lily Evans, Marlene Mckinnon and Severus Snape. Friendship between some of the people flourish but rivals are also strongly standing.
In her fifth year, something terrible happens to her; and trying to balance that, her OWLs and her friends is not easy. Journey with Rosie as she battles with her magical studies and her life as a teenager


4. The Quidditch Lesson

            We ran through the multiple courtyards. Well, when I say we ran what I really mean is that James and Sirius ran whilst I was dragged along behind them; practically pulling my arm out of its socket. 

“James, slow down!” I grumbled as I tried to pull back my arm, “You’ll break my arm if you’re not careful!”

“No I won’t, now hurry up!”

I suspect that we looked fairly insane to the pupils in the other years for they were giving us some fairly strange looks as the two boys dragged me through the different corridors; whispering frantically as we passed them.

After what seemed like a life time of them pulling me along, we reached the Quidditch pitch along of with the rest of the Gryffindor and Slytherin first years. I let out a sigh of relief as I forced myself not to keel forwards and gasp for air. James and Sirius were grinning from ear to ear as they continuously giggled like immature, little school boys, which they are but that is beside the point, and I could do nothing other than shake my head at their extreme level  of immaturity and try to breath properly.

“Good Afternoon Class!” A loud voice called.

Quickly, we whipped our heads round so that we came face to face with a skinny woman with short cut, spiky grey hair and piercing, yellow eyes that almost seemed hawk-like. A pair of thick googles were attached to her head. She wore a white button-down collared shirt with a black necktie with the Hogwarts crest on it, under her cloak. I smiled at her and moved slightly away from James and Sirius so that like the rest of class I was stood in a line with some old fashioned looking brooms at our feet.

“Good afternoon,” We chorused.

“My name is Madam Hooch. Welcome to your first flying lesson. Now no time to waste. Stand in front of a broomstick. To the right of your chosen one if you please.”

My brow furrowed deeply as I looked at her curiously. She wasn’t making any sense. What did she mean brooms? There were no brooms anywhere near us. She must be mistaken.

“Miss?” Lily called from across the other side of the huddle; strange, I hadn’t even noticed that she was here, “Miss, there aren’t any broomsticks.”

The poor girl was quickly silenced by Madam Hooch’s hawk-like eyes, something that delighted Sirius and James for they started snickering quietly behind their hands. I slapped James in the arm quickly, so that they would be quiet before sending Lily a sympathetic smile. The greasy haired Slytherin who had been with her earlier - what was his name again? Oh, yes Sn  …. Severus even – was stood by Lily’s side and glaring sharply at James.

“I understand that. Do you think that I do not know that!” Madam Hooch snapped, her hawk-like eyes fixed on the poor red head in a deathly glare, “I am completely aware of that fact, Miss Evans.”

Suddenly, she clicked her fingers together and almost instantly a whizz ran through the air. Before our very eyes a broom landed to the right of us.

“Hold your right hand over your broomstick and command forcefully up!” Hooch ordered.

                Instantly I did as I was told. My hand was carefully placed over the broom and as soon as I commanded “up” loudly it zoomed up into my hands, almost pushing me over with its sheer power. Looking up, only mine and James’ brooms had instantly done this but Sirius’ soon followed; as did a few of the boys from Slytherin but that was about it. Lily stared down at the unmoving broom, her face turned into an annoyed scowl as she peered at it, unsure what to do. Remus’ slowly rose and lowered, like a small dog that was jumping to catch a treat, but that was about it.

It was Peter’s however that was the funniest to watch. It swung slowly from side to side, occasionally jumping up a few feet but really it didn’t do much until suddenly as he forcefully shouted “Up!” at the stick it flew into the air. He was so surprised that he stepped out of the way before he could grab it, thus causing it to fly up into the air past his head. Instantly he seemed to forget it and he turned his head to face us, the confusion obvious in his eyes. Yet I was not watching. Instead, I was staring up at the broom as it zoomed back down to the earth and collided with his head. The thud echoed around the green and silence followed as all eyes landed on Peter who crumbled to the floor. It stayed like that until James and Peter burst out into laughter, having to steady themselves on each other to stop falling to the floor. I just shook my head, whilst supressing a grin, as Madam Hooch walked over to the unconscious boy. She looked him over once or twice before flicking her hand and moving him across the green. Once he was out of harm’s way, she looked to us and announced,

“Now I want you to mount your broomsticks. But grip it tight, we don’t want you slipping off the end.”

Quickly we all did as she asked, although a few of us were still staring at the unmoving body of Peter Pettigrew that could be she had simply moved to the side.

“When I blow my whistle,” She ordered once we were all on our brooms, “You will touch off from the ground, hover for a moment and then land back down ….. Three … Two … One …”

                My body acted without me even needing to think about it. As soon as she blew her whistle, my feet pushed heavily off the ground and I was able to hover gently above the earth, keeping almost perfect balance, before I landed to the earth. Many of the others around me were still hovering in the air, attempting to catch their balance. Others hadn’t even touched off yet. But it was Snape who made me laugh; he was hanging off the end of his broom that stood only a few metres of the ground, the terror in his face obvious. Lily was stood beside him, the broom still on the floor as she tried to coax him down.

“You, boy!” Madam Hooch snapped, “Put both your feet on the ground and stop acting like a child!”

This made James and Sirius clutch each other as they chocked with laughter once more, mainly from the pure embarrassment that flooded his face. Hooch shot them a silencing glance and said in her monotone voice,

“What are you laughing at?” She growled, “If you can laugh then you can do it. Then prove it!”

The two mischievous boys shared a gulp before nodding their heads and mounting their brooms once more. Quickly the too touched off from the ground, hovering with precise balance for a few moments before landing precisely.

“Show off,” She scoffed as she helped Snape up.

I smiled kindly over to her, as James slinked his arm around my shoulders and pulled me tightly into him. Sirius was stood by James’ side, both their brooms in his hand as he looked over at me with a furrowed brow.

“How did you do that so neatly?” He asked.

“My dad is a Quidditch super fan. Since before I could walk he had me sat on a broom, and we’ve been playing four on four matches with the Potters since we could fly safely. It also helps having quite a few acres of land surrounded by a large forest to keep out of the sight of Muggles.”

“Why didn’t your dad become a professional Quidditch player anyway?” James asked.

A soft laugh left my lips and I raised a single eyebrow at him, “You’ve seen my dad, James. He can barely balance on a broom let alone fly on one.”

“Why?” Sirius asked.

“To put it bluntly, he’s fat!”

A barking laugh left Sirius and James was forced to slap his arm to shut him up before Hooch yelled at him. It didn’t stop her from shouting though,

“Potter. Black. Jones!”

James’ arm instantly dropped from my shoulders and he stared down at the ground, whilst Sirius scuffed up the earth underneath his foot. I, however, looked up at her with a warm smile; nudging James in the ribs sharply before replying.

“Yes, miss?”

“If you stay as good as that throughout the year, I may suggest for you to try out for the Gryffindor team next year,” She answered, releasing a slight, toothy smile – I sight I believed was a rare one – before leaving to yell at a Slytherin boy for some apparent reason.

“Yes,” Sirius muttered before slapping James, hard, on the shoulder.

“Your dad’ll be proud if you do, Ro,” James said as he furiously rubbed his shoulder, his face slightly scrunched up in pain.

“Yeah. Yeah he will.”

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