Those Wonderful Lads

Lauren, is a superstar. Her dad is the manager, and he makes sure she doesn't make the wrong decisions. Her band and One Direction pair up, and you'll have to see what happens in the book. There are some parts that are shocking, like why would so and so do that? Or what?? Enjoy!


23. The wedding [end] (JK it's not)

I woke up to my Nialler and he looked so cute while he slept. I got up quietly, and walked to the living room. Then I realized Niall was at Paul's
  *knock knock knock*
  I opened the door.
  "Hurry! Get in here!" I whispered.
  El rushed into her room, so then Louis wouldn't hear us, if he was up.
  "Where's Niall?" El asked.
  "He's at Paul's, and so are the rest of the grooms, except Louis. He's my nice, but stubborn stepbrother."
  "Haha. Nice sentence on my Lou." 
  The rest of the brides/bride ladies walked into my room. 
  "Ok girls! Gather around!" Cynthia yelled.
  Nobody listened, because we were all excited for our weddings. 
  Everyone quieted down
  "Ok then. Please gather around!"
  We did.
  "Today's plan is Lauren, and El you go to hair with Julia. Mel, Amber, and Amber you come with me for make-up. Your dresses are hanging in Lauren's closet."
   "Ok," we all said in unison.
   El and I walked to her huge bathroom, and we sat down on the stools, I have in their. Julia walked in with her styling bags. Not one, but three huge ones. 
   "Lauren, I'll do you first!" She exclaimed.
                   Half hour later...
  I looked in the mirror and saw myself. I looked wonderful! My hair was curled, and I mean curled. 
  "Julia must've used a wand curling iron!" I thought.
   I picked up one curl and examined it. It was super curly! Plus she had my bangs pulled back, in a curly pony tail.
   "Thanks Julia!" I said, as I walked out to get my make up done.
   "No problem babe!"
   I walked over to Cynthia, who was finishing Mel's make up. Amber and Amber were sitting on the bed, looking board.
   "You know, Julia is ready for two more people-"
   "Really!?!" Exclaimed Amber Castanga. 
   "To wait," I finished.
   She sat back down. Mel got up, and motioned me to sit in the chair. I plopped down, and Cynthia looked at my hair.
   "Your hair is lovely," she told me.
   "Your welcome babe!"
   Cynthia grabbed eyeshadow's from one of four big bags. 
   "Again! what's with the huge bags?" I thought.
               Twenty minutes later...
   Everyone was done with their make up, but not hair. Julia was finishing up Amber (Castanga's) hair. Even though it was short, it's very thin and hard to curl. I was looking at my make up. It was gold eye shadow, with black eyeliner and mascara, plus wings, and Cynthia added some sparkles to my eyes. 
               *skips to church*
   I was looking in the mirror. I saw a proud, strong, confident woman, who was about to get married to my true love. I put my veil down, when their was a knock at the door. El got it, and it was just Phil standing their. 
   "Are you ready? My beautiful daughter?" He said.
   "Why yes I am, dad," I responded.
   I took his arm and, El, Mel, Amber, and Amber all stood in front, as they waited for their fiancés to come the their side. 
   It took them five extra minutes for them to come. The music started playing, and they started to go down the isle. I out on my best smile, and looked straight ahead at my handsome Niall. 
   Phil and I walked down the isle, and I was smiling so wide, it started to hurt. 
Niall's POV: I heard the music start to play, and the doors opened wide. All of the brides maids, and best men walked down. Then I saw my lovely looking Lauren. She was perfect for me! I couldn't wait to be her husband!
   She walked down the isle, like she was meant to be a bride. I could see her bright smile through her veil. I was smiling as hard as I could too.
   Lauren finally reached me, and I flipped up her veil. I saw a few stains, but I didn't care. 
   "Lauren Abigail Chermak. Do you take, Niall James Horan as your beloved wedded husband?" Asked the priest.
   "I do," she responded.
   "Niall James Horan. Do you take Lauren Abigail Chermak to be your beloved wedded wife?"
   "I do," I said.
   Lauren smiled even wider, when I said those two words.
Hey guys! This isn't the end of the book! I'm coming out with the sequel. I haven't figured out what I'm going to call it yet! I hope you guys can help me out!

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