Those Wonderful Lads

Lauren, is a superstar. Her dad is the manager, and he makes sure she doesn't make the wrong decisions. Her band and One Direction pair up, and you'll have to see what happens in the book. There are some parts that are shocking, like why would so and so do that? Or what?? Enjoy!


12. The problem

It's now the 10 concert, and Niall and I have been broken up for three weeks now. Liz has been following him like a love sick puppy. It's driving me crazy!
   Niall knows who I like, I don't know how. He knows who I watch. He knows who I want to date. He knows I'll never tell him. 
Niall's POV: I was sitting in the crowd again when Lauren ran out, and then said, "How are you San Fransico!?" The crowd screamed. 
  The band started playing. Lauren jumped up and down like crazy. She put her hands in the crowd, and this girl handed her an autograph book, but Lauren didn't grabbed it quick enough. The child's mother grabbed it before, Lauren could.
Lauren's POV: We walked backstage after we were done. The boys were backstage, shirtless, and in there boxers. I giggle because Louis had Mickey Mouse boxers, Zayn had Donald Duck, Harry had Goofy, Liam had Woody, and Niall had the stars and strips of the American flag.
  They hooked up there ear communications for the songs, Paul guided me to my seat. A little girl tapped my shoulder. I turned, it was the little girl who tried to hand me her book earlier. 
    "Can you please sign it?" She asked kindly.
    "Sure," said Liz who tried to grab it.
     "Liz, I think she meant me," I said nicely.
       I signed her book. I closed the cover and saw Niall and me on it. 
      "Do you want me to get Niall to sign it?"
       I glanced at her mother, and she gave me a thumbs up. I picked up the little girl, and set her on my lap. The boys were standing there looking at me. I nodded and they started to sing.
Niall's POV: When we ran out onto the stage Lauren was turned around picking up a small fan. She nodded at me and we started to sing.
Lauren's POV: Niall came close to the edge of the stage. Paul gave me a nod, and I handed Niall the book. "Sign it," I mouthed. He uncapped the sharpie, and signed it quickly.
  He handed it back, and I gave it to the little girl. Her face lit up and had a huge smile on it. She ran back to her mother, when I got a phone call. 
  "Is this Lauren Chermak?" Asked a person.
  "Yes," I responded.
  "This is the San Fransico hospital secretary speaking. We have some news, your mother is in the hospital and she's not doing very well. She had twins so that put her in a worst position considering, she has a rare illness."
  "Thank you. Bye." 
   I hung up, and Paul saw tears in my eyes. Phil and Louis mother were on the other side of Paul. They darted me backstage.
Niall's POV: When we walked back out on stage, Lauren's seat was empty, so was Paul's, Phil's, and Louis mother's. huh. I walked over to Louis, he pulled out his ear microphone.
   "Lauren, Paul, Phil, and your mother aren't in there seats," I told him.
   "I think they are backstage. Cause when I was walking out I heard more footsteps behind me. I turned around and saw a glimpse of Carmel brown hair," her responded.
  "Let's go backstage you know after Kiss You."
   Louis and I went around telling the guys the small plan. They all agreed.
    We sang Kiss You and ran back stage. Lauren was scrunch up on the bench, sobbing to her hearts content. I just couldn't handle not being with her anymore, so I darted and kneeled next to her.
    "What's wrong, luv?" I asked.
    "Don't wanna talk about it," she responded.
    I kissed her forehead and walked to my dressing room. I had to grab something, that I was going to give to Lauren before we broke up. The lads and I had to sing again. I tried to give it to her, but then Liz blocked my way. She saw the special gift.
   "Oh! Is that for me?" She exclaimed.
   "No!" I responded.
   "Hey, Lauren! Niall's giving me a very special gift! It's soooo beautiful!" 
    Lauren lifted her head and stared to sob again. Liam grabbed me by my collar and dragged me onto the stage. I shoved the gift in my pocket.
Lauren's POV: Liz (the devil) walked over. She has a big snake like grin on her face. Liz leaned down, and her blonde hair fell into her face.
  "BTW, Niall loves me and not you. You got that? Just because your a pop star on tour with him doesn't mean he likes you, so you can just forget all about him. Go off and die in a deep hole. Niall is mine! Ok!?," Liz started walking off, and then turned around. "Oh, yeah I forgot one part. I'm not even his cousin."
  Liz did a cat walk, walk off. Niall and the lads came back on stage. I ran off crying again. The reaction on Louis and Niall's face was the worst anyone could see. 
  Louis chased after me, right in front of the fans. Paparazzi stared flashing a ton of pictures. They asked us a bunch of questions like, "are you guys dating? What happened to Lauren? Can we have your picture kissing Lauren?" 
  Louis said no to all of the questions and guide me back to the stadium. I could barley walk. Niall met Louis and I half way to back stage. I looked toward the ground, and not into Niall's bright blue eyes. 
  "Hey, let's go back to your hotel room. Ok, luv?" He said/asked.
  "Sure," I responded.
  Niall put his hand on my back to comfort me a little, I guess. Liz tried to pry Niall away from me with Nando's to go, and other stuff. Niall didn't even budge from me. That's how much he must love and miss me.
   Niall carried me all the way back to my room, once we got out of the car. I must've fallen asleep. He's so strong, I felt his muscle's with my hands while I slept, while my hand rested their. 
  I could hear Liz while I was sleeping, yelling at Niall to put me down and carry her. He stopped and pretended to put me down, and she started to jump up. Niall moved out of the way and she fell on her face.
  "Owwwwww!!!! NIALL! WHY WOULD YOU DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT???" Complained Liz.
   He just ignored her.
   I woke up to singing in the kitchen. I got up, and saw Niall. He was trying to put cinnamon rolls in the oven. 
  He put the tray in the oven, and burned himself on the rack. Niall's finger started to turn red. I giggled a tiny bit. He ran it under cold water, and turned around.
  "What's so funny luv?" He asked.
  "Nothing." I responded.
  "Ok then." And he splashed water in my face.
 We both laughed.  
  I walked over and sat on the couch, where I slept all night long. Niall came and sat down next to me. With his arm around the back of the couch. It looked like his arm was around me.
   Liz thrusted the door open, and saw Niall's arm. Her face went from happy to upset/angry. It was pretty funny.
  Louis walked in and put his hand through his hair. 
  "What's with all the yelling?" He asked. 
  "Oh! It's Lauren. She was screaming at me because I'm dating Niall." Liz said.
  "You're not even suppose to be in this hotel flat, anyways." 
  "So what! I'm allowed to do anything I want because I'm an only child!"
  "So... What happened to Jeff, Diana, Trisha, and Jake?" Asked Niall.
   "Ummmmmmm... They died.?" 
   "Goodbye Liz," said Louis and he shut the door in her face. Louis also locked it.
  The oven went off, but we didn't hear it because of Liz. Some smoke started coming from the oven.
  "Hey. Ummm.... Niall. Is there something in the oven?" Louis asked.
  "Oh crap! I forgot about breakfast!" 
  Niall got up and ran to the kitchen. The cinnamon rolls were all black. "Thanks liz, now we have to have room service, great," I thought.

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