Falling for a Weasley

Autumn has a major crush on George Weasley. During her forth year (she's a Gryffindor) she is always secretly hoping he ask her out or to the Yule Ball. What will happen to Autumn in this Romantic quest of hers?


2. HIM

  I sat  there, just staring at him. His flaming red hair, his perfect face, his amazing personality.Who is this, you might ask. George Weasley, of course! I'm one the few people who can actually tell him and Fred apart. I supposed to be thinking of ways to help Harry stay alive for the next task, but I can't stop myself from staring at him. Fred already asked Angelina to the Yule Ball and I'm just REALLY hoping George will ask me. George... isn't that such a perfect name? I mean-

  "Autumn! You there? We're trying to help Harry stay alive for the next few days, remember?" Hermione was yelling at me with a smirk on her face. She was the only one who knew I had a MAJOR crush on George, and I want it to stay that way unless George and I were together...

  "Okay, okay, Don't worry I do want you to stay alive," I said laughing.

  I looked over to George one more time. Wait, was getting up? And walking over here? Oh My Gosh!!! yay yay yay yay!!!!! Okay be cool. Look down at your book and act interested. okay here we go...

  "Hey, Autumn, can I talk to you?" He asked. His eyes were SO gorgeous.

  "Sure!" Please, please ask me to the Yule Ball! I look at Hermione and she gave my happy smile.

  "Okay, come over here," he led to a little bench in by the fireplace.

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