singing in my ear

lauren is 19 and is just about to turn 20 her dad asks her what she wants to meet niall horan what will hapen when they meet?


4. first date

''niall were are you taking me!!''

''its a sprise just grab your bathing suite'' he said so i did and before i new it we were at sun splash when we got in we went to the lazy river

niall tryed to sit on one flotie with me but we then had to use the two connected type i layed back on his lap he brushed my hair and kissed me then we went to the coples

slide and he nelled on his knee and pulled out a neklice with me and him in it and said ''lauren will you be my girlfriend'' i ran up to him and said ''yes!! i love you so much'' '' so we gona go on the slide?? niall said the slide was great but we kissed most of the time

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