singing in my ear

lauren is 19 and is just about to turn 20 her dad asks her what she wants to meet niall horan what will hapen when they meet?


2. a sweet suprise

laurens POV

i wake up to singing in my ear and i focas my eyes and i see Niall Horan im so suprised 

"hello love wake up babe" i start to scream in my head "uh why are you in my room" i said, "its your birthday."he exlamed "how do you now..."" your dad" niall said " well let me take a shower and then i'll show you arownd." so i hopped in the shower and after i brushed my hair and put on my makeup put my clothes on and walked out.



i saw niall eating a samwich after he stopet chewing he said "i forgot to relly introduce my self my name is niall i'm 20 and i love eating your turn.""ok my name is lauren im also 20 and i love playing guitar."i said "me to!!" he yelled....






"well thats my house now lets go eat" i said and he took us to nandos after we ate we got into the car and niall said to me "you look buitiful today" i said "thank you" he lent in then i did to and and our lips met and it felt passonite and good his lips were warm and soft it felt so rite that went on for a secount then i said we cant kiss ive only none you for a day sorry niall.

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