Son Of Kronos

Chase NightShade was always an Outsider, loner, bullied in school. Until his 14th Birthday when strange things started happening. Monsters. Many Monsters came after him until one day Annabeth Chase found him and brought him to Camp Half Blood to determine and seek his destiny. (Sorry bout that description xD not that great i know but the story will be better than the description i promise xD) The trailer just explains a little bit about what this fanfiction is based off of just incase you didnt read the books.


2. I freeze time.

Chase's POV:

"WAKE UP YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF CRAP!" Screamed the orphanage owner. 

"Wha-what time is it Miss Reese?" I replied yawning

"TIME FOR SCHOOL YOU MORON!" Miss Reese stormed out of the room slamming the door.

"Ugghhh another day at that living Hell." I mumble to myself. I get out of bed and put on my grey beanie, a pair of black jeans, a black tee, and a plad blue zipper jacket. I grab my book bag, and as soon as I open the door, Miss Reese slaps me in the back of the head.

"Have a terrible day at school moron!" shouts Miss Reese happily as I board the school bus. Ignoring her, I get on the bus and about 50 wads of paper hit my face. Apparently, everyone on the bus thought me being bullied was hilarious, and they all busted out in laughter. "Grow up already." I say while I walk to the middle section of the bus. I sat down, and stared out the window at the home. The place looked so run down. The windows were tinted so you couldn't see through them. There were plants growing in the gutters. Cob webs. Lots of them. Well, that's home for ya! The only person who was nice to me on this planet was the Bus Driver, Mr Blu. I hear  loud foot steps coming toward me. I turn around to see 3 of my probably least-favorite people (besides Miss Reese). The Tall and beefy one was the "Leader" of their group. His name is Jake. The tall and skinny one was Cole and the short one was Issac. Issac was more like the third wheel of the 3.

Jake's POV:

I sat down next to Chase while the Cole and Issac sat in the seat behind.

"Whats up Ass wipe?" I said taking Chase's book-bag.

"Look I don't want any tro-"

I pushed Chase out of his seat before he got to finish talking.

"You don't  Mess with us!" shouted Cole.

"Yeah!" shouted Issac.

"Look at you, you cant even defend yourself!"


"You are such a wimp!"


"ISSAC SHUT UP!" Shouted Cole. Issac looked down at the ground and stopped talking.

Chase's POV:

I began to walk to a seat in the back of the bus when Jake pushed me when I was half way there. I stood up and angrily, stared at Jake.

"Watcha gonna do about it, wimp?"

He walked closer to me. He threw out a punch, and as soon as his fist was a half an inch from my face, I closed my eyes hard and tried to block when his fist stopped moving. I opened my eyes slowly, and looked around the bus. Everyone was frozen. Dead silence. But i could still move around perfectly fine. I grabbed Jake's fist and not knowing I was this strong, I flipped him over my back. Suddenly, the time went back to normal. I looked down at Jake who was staring at me in disbelief.

"But I was... and you were...and..."

The bus stopped, and I ran off the bus, and into the men's bathroom.

"How did I... was that even me!?" I said walking around in circles.

The Bell rang and I walked to class sweating. Chase, are you alright? said the Teacher. 

"Y-yes." I reply still wondering what happened on the bus.


                                                          5 hours later....

The afternoon bell rang which mean it was time to go home. Or in my case, the orphanage with the mean, fat owner who quits in rage while playing chess. Yep. Home sweet home. I went to my locker to get my bag, and yet again, ANOTHER bully..... The bully picks me up by the collar of my shirt and holds me against the lockers.

"What happened on the bus freak?"

I didn't answer.

"WHAT HAPPENED!" he shouts.

My eyes glow gold and I release a blast of energy from my one free hand. He slammed against the wall across from the lockers and I fell to the ground. My eyes turned back to grey. I was laying on the ground, half unconsious. My vision was blurry. Everyone fled the hall and this girl came running in. She had long, blonde hair, stormy grey eyes. She was about 17 or 18. Beautiful. My vision kept getting blurrier, and blurrier until I just completly passed out.

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