Who Was Louis Tomlinson Really?

There used to be a boy band called One Direction. That is until one member went missing. A couple days later he was found....or so they thought. Now the one question everyone is asking is who was Louis Tomlinson really? Now the boys set out to find the truth about their "dead' band mate. Will they like what they find or give up trying? You'll have to read it to find out.


3. Where did I go wrong?

Louis's pov:

I was lost with no where  to go. I couldn't go back to the lads. They wouldn't want me back not after what I did. Then I started to think, "Maybe it wouldn't hurt just to go see them one more time." So  I walked down by where  Zayn where. It warmed my heart to see Zayn  standing their. Then I saw harry and show up. Omg  Harry I missed him so much. I had to go it was killing me just to stand here and see him.


So I turned and started to run away. Well I was running I started to think about Zayn and I wanted to run up and hug him. I wanted to go and tell him, "Zayn I'm alive and oaky. I miss you guys so much. How have you been?" Then I started to think of Harry how I wanted to feel him wrap his arms around me and say, "Lou I missed you so much." In his deep raspy voice. Then I started to slow down when I saw that I was almost at Niall's house. My heart started to pound in my chest.


I kept telling my self, "Just a few more steps. You can do it Lou." When I got to Niall's house I was so happy. Then I saw Miya and Vanessa  getting into the car followed by Liam and Niall.


Harry's pov:

I was getting out of the car. When I saw Zayn  looking  at something that wasn't their. So I walked over him and said, "Hey Zayn what are you looking at?" Zayn looked at me then back at the spot he was looking at before. Then he said, " O, nothing....." Then I gave him a puzzled look on my face. I said to him, " What? What is it Zayn?" Zayn looked back at me then said, " Nothing  I just thought that I saw someone who looked similar to someone I know. That's all harry it's nothing really." I smiled at him then said, "That's all you had to Zayn." He smiled and nodded in agreement.


Miya's pov:


As we wore in the car I thought that I saw Lou outside. So I picked up my phone and dialed Lou's old number. I wanted to see the man outside would do the same. He did...



Person: "Hello?"


Miya: "Hi um is your name is Louis Tomlinson?"


Person: " *stutters* Um.... who me..... no....*makes weird noise*.... I thought he was dead?"


Miya: "That's what I thought until I saw him today."


Person: "You saw me?!"


Miya: "I thought you said that you weren't Louis."


Louis: " Okay you got me it's me Louis Tomlinson."


Miya: "Omg Lou I missed you so much! If your alive then why don't you go tell the boys?"


Louis: "I can't. They won't want me after what I did."


Miya: "What did you do?"


Louis: " I got to go! Talk to you soon."


End of conversation


Niall's pov:


I saw Miya on the phone, So I asked her, "Who are you talking to?" she didn't answer me so I figured I should give up. I turned to talk to Liam or  Vanessa then I remembered that me and Liam got in it a fight.  I saw that Vanessa was talking to Liam. I did the one thing that I thought I would not do. I started to sing to all of Lou's solos and watch all of the videos that we made together. I watched the videos like 20 times then started to cry. I saw that Miya, Vanessa, and Liam wore all looking at me like I was crazy.


I said to them, "What I cant sing the solos of my best friend and watch his old videos?" Miya looked at me with a confused look then said, "No, it's just why would you want to make your self more sad?" I said, "I'm not crying cause I'm said it cause I'm just so happy. I mean come one can you blame me here. I have my best friends and I get to sing the parts of my dead best friend and watch all of our old videos."

Then I took a deep breath and said," Just because Lou is gone doesn't mean I have to forget him. That's like losing a pet and having you parents say o just for get about it."


Miya's pov:


I couldn't help but think about what Niall had said. "You know maybe he's right." Vanessa and the boys both looked at me with weird looks on their faces. Then Vanessa said, "Right about what?" I said, "He's right about saying that just because Lou is gone. Well it doesn't mean that we have to forget about him." Niall gave me a shocked look and said, "Wait I was right about something for once?"


I gave him a big smile and a big hug then I told him, " Yes Niall you were right about something. We all were." I saw them all looking at me waiting for me to say more. It was kind of creepy, So I said them, "What are you guys all looking at me like that for?" Vanessa just told me, "Sorry, We thought that you were going to say something else that was also very interesting." So I jokingly said, "Nope, I'm all done for today."



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