Who Was Louis Tomlinson Really?

There used to be a boy band called One Direction. That is until one member went missing. A couple days later he was found....or so they thought. Now the one question everyone is asking is who was Louis Tomlinson really? Now the boys set out to find the truth about their "dead' band mate. Will they like what they find or give up trying? You'll have to read it to find out.


6. Trying to keep a screat

Niall's pov:


Me and Harry saw that Miya and Zayn wore talking. They both seemed pretty happy and excited about something. Out of curiosity me and Harry went over to go see what they wore talking about. Harry whispered in my ear as we wore walking towards them. "Why are they so happy? I mean come on were at a funeral for Louis shouldn't they be sad?" I just shrugged my shoulders and said, "I really don't know harry."

Harry put on a big smile when he saw Miya look at him and smile. So I did the same thing. Miya looked at us and said, "Hey guys what's up?" I looked at her and then at Harry. Harry gave me a slite node as if to say go for it just ask her. So I did I looked her straight in the eyes. Then I said, "Me and Harry saw you and Zayn talking. You guys looked really happy about something. So we wanted to know if we could get in on it."


Miya's pov:


Niall and Harry wore standing right in front of me and asking me why me and Zayn wore so happy. I  wanted to tell them why so badly I really did. Only thing is I couldn't do that. I mean that I could but then I would be going against what I told Zayn and my promise I made to Lou. I was trapped with no way out. I was staring to get really tight even though their was so much space for me to move. I looked at Zayn as if to say help me but I saw that he was sweeting like crazy.


I figured what's one little lie  going to do to them. I looked at Niall's big blue eyes and then at Harry's big green eyes. Then I said, "Me and Zayn wore talking about when your new move "THIS IS US!!!" is coming out. I was just telling him that I can't wait to go and see it." Harry gave me a cheeky grin so I knew he bought it thank god. Then I looked at Niall to see if he was buying it too. He wasn't at all I could tell he new I was hiding something form him. This was really bad what if Louis's secrete got out!

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