Who Was Louis Tomlinson Really?

There used to be a boy band called One Direction. That is until one member went missing. A couple days later he was found....or so they thought. Now the one question everyone is asking is who was Louis Tomlinson really? Now the boys set out to find the truth about their "dead' band mate. Will they like what they find or give up trying? You'll have to read it to find out.


9. The time is alomst here

Louis's pov:

I couldn't believe that it had already been maybe about 5 or 6 years give or take since I went missing. I was so happy today. Not that I went missing but that soon this would all be over and I would be back ounce again with the boys. Back were I belonged in 1D.

I ran back to my house which was a card board box packed up what was left of my cloths then got a taxi and headed back to my house. I gave Miya a call along the way. I got no answer form her. I wonder if she's doing something right now. Ill just text her then.

When I got back home to my real home the first thing I did was make sure that either harry was asleep or that he was out right now. I checked his room but he wasn't their so I thought the cost was clear.

When I was about to go into my room I heard crying and looked threw the key hole. Sure enough their was Harry siting on my bed crying over the scarp book I had made him. Then I thought to myself, "Awww he kept the scrap book that I had made him after all theis years have gone by." Then I saw him wipe away the tears turn out the lights and say, "Good night Lou I love you and ill see you in the morning okay?" I could tell that he was still crying. I wanted to walk up to him and wrap him into a big hug and tell him that every thing was okay tell him that I never left him.

Sadly I knew that I couldn't do that for that would be lying to his face. I could never do that to Harry. When he left and went to his room I waited for awhile until I was sure that he was asleep . When I was finally sure of it I crept onto my old room. O how good it felt to be home at last. I spent the night in my comfy bed tomorrow I would announce my returne to the boys and hopefully put 1D back to gather.

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