Who Was Louis Tomlinson Really?

There used to be a boy band called One Direction. That is until one member went missing. A couple days later he was found....or so they thought. Now the one question everyone is asking is who was Louis Tomlinson really? Now the boys set out to find the truth about their "dead' band mate. Will they like what they find or give up trying? You'll have to read it to find out.


10. The big knews

Liam's pov:

I got a text form Miya and Vanessa telling me to get Harry, Zayn, and Niall and meet them down by the church were we held Lou's funereal. So I shrugged it off got out of bed and walked over to Niall's room. He looked so peaceful in his sleep, Well not for long, I shook Niall violently until he woke up with an unhappy face. I put that a side and told Niall, "Come on get up and dressed the girls want us to meet them by the church." Niall didn't do anything but get out of bed and start to get ready.

I took out my phone and texted Harry and Zayn to get ready and meat me and Niall at that church I also said that the girls told me to do this. I got to okays as I was getting ready my self. Then when I was done I went down stairs to see Niall all dressed and ready to go holding two break fest sandwiches. I'm sure that their both for him.

Niall looked me in the eyes and said, "Here you go you know incase you get hungry on the way their. I made then my self, see theirs one for me and one for you." I said, "Um... thanks... Niall... are... you... feeling... okay...?" He gave me a weird look then said, "yes now lets go."


Miya's pov:

I woke up to a text from Niall telling me to get Vanessa and meet him and the lads down by the church were we held Lou's fake funeral. I asked no question just got out of bed woke Vanessa up told her to get ready and that we had to meet the boys up by the church. Then started to get ready for the day. With in an hour we wore ready and on the road. When we got their we saw the boys standing their waving at us.

When I got out I walked up to Niall with Vanessa and said, "Okay Niall were here what did you want to tell us?" Niall gave me a confused look then Liam stepped into the convo. He said to me with a straight face, "I got a text from you saying to meet you guys here." I gave him a weird look back then said, "I never texted you what's going on here?"


At that very moment a man in a coat came out and said, " I did it." We all looked at  him and said to gather, "Who are you?" He smiled and said, "I'm back it's me Lou. You guys want to know what my surprise for you guys is?" We all had shocked looks on our faces but we still all managed to node our heads yes. He said, "I never really left you guys."

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