Who Was Louis Tomlinson Really?

There used to be a boy band called One Direction. That is until one member went missing. A couple days later he was found....or so they thought. Now the one question everyone is asking is who was Louis Tomlinson really? Now the boys set out to find the truth about their "dead' band mate. Will they like what they find or give up trying? You'll have to read it to find out.


4. Finding Lou

Zayn's pov:


I saw that Miya, Vanessa, Niall, and Liam had all finally made it. I walked up to them said my hellos and gave the girls both a hug and a kiss. The whole time though I kept on thinking about what I had just saw. I guess that Miya had seen that I wasn't really with it. She walked up to me and said, "Hey Zayn what's wrong?" I considered telling her then I said, "It's nothing. besides if I told you, well you probably think that I'm crazy and laugh at me."


She gave me a sincere look then said, "I would never do that to you." I looked at her then at the boys to make sure that they weren't looking. Then I said, "Um, well I thought that I saw Lou walking by earlier and smiling at me. I'm sure that I was just seeing things though. Yet I can't help but feel like that was him. Like he was trying to reach out to us for help you know what I mean." Miya nodded her head. Then she looked at me and said, "Come closer I need to tell you something no one else can know about yet." I looked at her with a weird look then said, "Okay." Then I inched closer to her. I hung on to every word she  told me. She said, "Zayn you feel like that because that was really Lou. I saw him today too. I also talked to him over the phone. He still has his old phone number. Just don't tell anyone and Lou can't know that I told you."



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