Scarlet Hewitt has been in this school for three years (one more year to graduation, baby!) without too many incidents- but when twin brothers turn up in her senior year, things might get a little crazy...


2. Two

When we walked into the bright English classroom, tons of people were crowded around one of the new boys (the Leather One, I named him in my mind) but the other teenager was sitting hunched over a desk in the back corner, pushing his thick glasses up his nose every so often. Chloe headed straight for The Leather One, and I shook my head, smiling gently at the antics of my best friend. She'd always been the one who got the boys, while I was the one encouraging her from behind the scenes. It was just the way we worked, and I loved it- I got sort of tired of being there every time she got dumped or dumped someone, though. Okay, self-pity over, moving on!

Chloe was leaning over The Leather One's (I'm amusing myself by calling him that, leave me alone) desk, looking straight into his eyes and smiling slightly. It always worked with most boys, but this one seemed distracted, almost looking straight past her. I dumped my stuff on the desk next to the other new boy- no harm in trying to make friends, eh?- and sat down. "Hi." I said, looking over and smiling.

the boy seemed to almost have a heart attack, jumping about five inches out of his seat. "Oh! Oh, i'm sorry!" He pushed his glasses further up his nose with his finger and held his hand out. "Hi, I'm Marcel, Marcel Styles." 

He had a nasal voice, the sort of thing you'd probably get sick of hearing after a while, but I wanted to give the guy a chance to make one friend- looking like that, he wouldn't get one without my help. oh, god, I sound like such a bitch, don't I? 

I smiled slightly as I took his hand, amused by the formality of it all. It was surprisingly dry, and he had almost the perfect grip, not too strong as I shook his hand once. "Hiya. I'm Scarlett Hewett. You're new, then?"

I let go of his hand and started taking out my notebooks. I could just see him nodding out of my periphial vision. "Yeah, my brother and I..."

of course he was grammatically correct, too. The guy pretty much screamed 'nerd'.

"I'm guessing that's your brother?" I nodded at the other newbie. "The Leather One?"

"Leather One?" Marcel started laughing, it was surprisingly deep for his voice tone. "I have to tell him that. And yeah, that's Harry. Who's that girl talking to him?"

"Chloe. She's my best friend."

"Oh." Marcel watched her for a bit before nodding, seemingly to himself, and he started aligning his pencil case and binders. I smiled at Chloe as she walked over; she looked annoyed. "So, how did it go?" I asked as she dumped her stuff on the desk in front of mine. "Jesus, the guy's a creep! He got my number and then turned around and flirted with another girl! Right in front of me!" 

Chloe always sort of had an issue with jealousy, and she tended to blow things out of proportion- this was probably one of those times. I squeezed her shoulder, tutting sympathetically, and she seemed to calm down. "Who's the nerd?" She asked under her breath, and I sighed. "Can we not call him that?"

Bit hypocritical of me, I know. 

"Okay, whatever, who's the other kid?"

"He's called Marcel. He's nice."

"Ohhh, he's nice? Are you finally developing a crush?" Chloe teased, pushing me sideways in my chair. "Oh, my god, shut up, Chloe!" My cheeks went as red as my hair, and she giggled delightedly, clapping her hands. "You have a crush on a nerd!" She sang, and I buried my head in my hands. I risked a look at Marcel, and he didn't seem to have heard. Thankfully, the teacher walked in at that moment, and everyone rushed to their seats.

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