You Hide My Scars

This story is and always has been mine. I use to be on an instagram account called SeducedByCurly, that's where I posted the first half, and unfortunately wasn't able to finish writing due to our account being deleted for an unknown reason. I really loved writing this story, so my plan is to finish the unfinished. --- This story is about a teenage girl named Skylar who is madly in love with the hit UK band One Direction. She has always had her eye on Niall. When One Direction is performing at a fair coming to town, will unexpected meetings happen? Will Skylar's always drunken mother end everything for Skylar? Possibly her life? Lets find out.....


4. The Beginning..

Jamie went crazy when I informed her of everything that had happened with Niall.

On our way to the fair grounds, I was nervous. My heart beating, loud. Anxiety, astonishment, and every other feeling, surging through my body all at once. We stand front row in the crowd of so many screaming fan girls, and out he came. His beautiful, icy blue eyes were smiling out to the crowd, and I was waiting for the moment when he would catch glimpse of me.

*Nialls POV*

Where is she? I look into the crowd once again, and then drop my head to front row. There she stood, beautiful, her green eyes gleaming, and shining. She was all I could see. The only fan in the crowd was her. My reality, stood still. Letting all the screaming go away, just giving me time to look at her. It snapped back so suddenly as Louis nudges me, "Did you forget the lyrics? Sing!" He said. "Oh yeah, um." I forgot about being in concert, but the lyrics flew out of my mouth, as I kept a continuous stare on Skylar, "You'll never love yourself half as much as I love you.."

*Skylars POV*

He's been looking at me through out the whole concert. I know I've only known him for a day but it feels like I've loved him forever. - At the end of the concert Niall scrunches down to his knees at the front of my face, grabs my hand and puts a small piece of paper inside. "Don't be scared." He whispers to me. The boys say their goodbyes and runs of stage when I feel a hand go around my mouth, and another around my eyes. I was being kidnapped? When the stranger let go I was sitting in a room, but no one was there. I read the paper Niall had given me, "Skylar, Paul took you. I will be there in a minute." The door creaked open and all of the boys walked in talking and laughing, "Good show, boys." Liam said smiling like a baby with a lollipop. Did you hear the crowd? Said Harry, interrupting Liam, but Niall came straight to me. "Our first date starts now!" He exclaimed. "What? But.." Niall cut off my words, and grabbed my arm. "I'll see ya tomorrow, boys!" He screamed. We were running down the hallway when Niall looks at me and smiled, "Ready for our date?" He said, I give an assuring smile, and I was once again flying out into the moonlight on a date with Niall Horan.

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