The New Girl.

a story about new girl and new place. going through some hard times and meeting the band of her dreams


1. My First Day.

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be the new girl?

Today was my first day in Middle school, I just moved to  California from Montreal,Canada. In Montreal, today would've been my first day in highschool. Yeah, I know what your thinking. I'm the new girl, I have no friends and, ya, it's hard being the new girl.

I woke up this morning excited. First cause it's my first day of middle school. Second because my parents got me a voucher to spend the night with one of the hotest british boy band ever, One Direction.By the way, my name is Claudia. 
I walked to the bathroom and when I get there I look into the mirror and say "Today is the day!"
After I get washed up, I put on a hot pink halter, a pair of short shorts and I put on my hot pink kitten heels. I curl my hair into loose curls. I know I'm not the prettiest girls ever, I know I don't have perfect hair and I know my teeth aren't straight. My parents travel a lot so there barely home. I'm not rich but I'm not poor. I mostly shop at Thrift Shops. My style is laid back but girly. I love pumps and highheels but like who wouldn't. 

As I walked in to the front office to pick up my schedule, I froze to see a hot guy standing there. The hot guy looks at me with wide eyes with an expression in his eyes, it was kind hard to read but still I could see it.

Finally, he speaks. "Well hello there!"
"Hi." I say timidly.
"I havent seen you around!"
"I'm new here! I just moved here from Canada."

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