worthless but lovable

* i am re writing it so sorry if chapters are missing*

jess feels lonely she never had a boyfriend or never even kissed with somebody but that was all about to change on the night she decided to end it all... a boy comes a long it isn't just a boy its the towns bad boy she is afraid to fall and to be broken..... but isn't she broken enough? so why not have fun... (a justin bieber fanfic)


3. saving her

chapter 2


Justin’s point of view

 Can you believe it? That junk stole drugs from me again! That junk better never cross his path with me again he is lucky i even let him live. Ughh i was so angry that a girl tonight would be something good!! I need to see the fear in her eyes as i touched her. i smiled at the thought i wasn't called the worst bad boy in town for nothing. After a ten minute walk i saw this beautifull nice brunette walking down a dark ally. I walked closer to her and she turned around. I stared into her eyes seeing the look of fear on her face. When i got to the place she was standing i gave her a big smirk. “ whats a beautiful girl like you doing alone in this dark place?” she looked at me with a weird face. “I am not beautiful. Seriously are you blind?”

Well she sounds like a bitch.. i grabbed her hands and  pushed her against the wall. Softly starting to kiss her neck. She tried to fight me and scream but i stopped her. “ please get over with it and kill me after it so i won't have to do it myself.” Her voice sounded so broken. Wait? Kill her? She wanted to kill herself? Then i noticed the pills. Shit i said to myself… “give me the pills” that came out waaay to soft. She refused but then i started to scream and she gave them to me.  i have to make sure she does not kill herself without letting her know that i am soft. “come with me.” the words came out before i could think.


Jess’s point of view

He opened the door and pushed me inside the big black car. I sat down on the back seat while this boy (i didn't even know his name) drove me to the place where i was probably was getting raped or killed. Seriously i only wanted to kill myself the only time i ever leave my dorm on a saturday night i get kidnapped. Yaaay me (notice sarcasm). It was not like i had anything better to do, but i just wanted to hate myself and sob away. after a long drive we stopped in a scary part of town in front of an big house. the dark haired boy got out of the car and opened the door for me. I got out before he could drag me out of the car. He held my wrist as we walked to his house. –well here comes the nightmare.


He opened the door for me and walked me inside. He still held on to my wrist as he led me to what looked like the living room and we walked to the couch. “Sit down and stay here.” His voice suddenly sounded cold. I sat down wondering what would happen now. Would he try to rape me again? maybe i just deserved all of this..? after a few minutes of me being me again. he came back. “can i please have my pills?” wow i do sound scared. Maybe i could sneak away to the bathroom and still take them. I really do not want to get raped.. i just wish i never tought of leaving the house. “no you can not have your pills back.” He sat down next to me and for a moment he stayed silent. “so what is the name of this beautifull girl?” i looked up amazed by the fact that he wanted to know my name. “well i am not beautiful and do you always ask the names of the girls you are going to hurt?” he looked at me and laughed. “nice to meet you too my name is Justin.” Ugh he was so annoying. “my name is jess ” 

Suddenly i felt his hand on my knee. I backed up against the end of the couch and looked scared. “do not touch me please”

Justin’s point of view

 She backed away which maked me laugh she really thought that i was still going to rape her. I was but i made another plan while being in the kitchen. I do not want her to kill herself and having sex with her is not going to help. She is hot i have to give her that but she is a hot mess. ‘’so jess you will be my pretend girlfriend. Wich will make me look more innocent for the cops and you can deal drugs for me” she looked at me with her big green eyes. “ i will be what?” i smirked at her. “ my pretend girl friend of course, but we still have to give you a make over. Make you hot and all” 

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