A Dream Come True

Kara was an ordinary girl in high school. She wasn't popular and she stayed away form the people she knew would cause trouble. In school she hung round with her two best friends Katelyn an Vanessa (both girls). When she left school she done what most people done and moved into an apartment in London. Her two best friends came as well, they all lived in the same building but they were on different floors. One Saturday night they decided to go clubbing and enjoy them selves in a club called 'The pulse'. They heard that a lot of famous people go there including one direction who she adores, and so does her friends. They walked in and walked around. Kara spotted harry and she noticed him look at her too. They danced with each other and kissed. what else will happen?
there might some sexual scenes in the story to warn you guys,


20. Extra Birthday surprise.

Harry's POV. 

i wanted to do it with kara tonight. I kinda thought it would be the right thing. We've been together a while now, and i wanted to be her first. As soon as we got into the room, i started kissing her. I knew that she knew where this was going. I took her top off, and she took mine off as well. Next thing i new, both of are clothes were off. We were both fully naked. 



A/N just to warm you guys, the rest of the chapter will be intimate, and sexual. So, if you don't like reading that kind of stuff, then don't read it!


Kara's POV 

mine and harry's clothes were all off. He started leaving kisses all over my body. He kept turning me on, and i wanted him now! 

"Harry i need you now!" i whispered. 

"are you sure babe?" he asked, not sure if he was doing the right thing.

"im ready babe!" i replied. 

He entered me. He gave me time to adjust, and he started going in and out slowly. It did hurt at first, and then i started feeling pleasure. I'm glad he's my first. "faster!" i said, letting him know it didn't hurt any more. He started thrusting fast and i was moaning. I tried to keep quiet,but i couldn't hold it in. "h-harry i'm g-gonna..." i started saying, but he said "hang on for me babe!" and i did. He pulled out, and he let his 'you know what out.' I know this sounds bad, but i'm not sure if he used protection... but you can't get pregnant on your first, right? well anyway, harry pulled me in, so he could cuddle me, the covers were over us, and he kissed me goodnight. 






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