The Victor Episode 2: Jason Voorhees vs Slenderman

Battles can happen anywhere at anytime. 2 or more forces will collide and only one can be the Victor


2. The Battle

Jason looked up at Slender. A tall man was Slender but yet Jason stood still. You couldn't tell what Slender was thinking but it wouldn't be a shock if he was a little surprised as he would think that this human being would be at least showing some signs of sickness but all that was coming out was a trickle of blood from Jason's mask which can't be known to be his actual blood or someone elses . Slender tried to control Jasons mind which wasn't working. Alot was blank and only memories of Jason's past were showing. Jason's kills covered any remaining part. After mere secounds Slenders arms begain to come out rapidly and he lunged forward to grab Jason only for Jason to start swinging with his machete chopping off one of Slender's arms. Slender realises this is different then he is use to and trys to phase out into another dimension to create distance but Jason grabbed Slender by the chest and followed him. Jason was in another forest now in another land. Slender manages to fight Jason off and with all his strength threw Jason back first into a tree. As Jason was down which was only for a few secounds Slender slender walked his way farther into the forest. Jason as he was getting up caught a glimpse of Slender. Jason begain to walk through the forest quickly. On a tree he seen something strange. A note that says” Help me.”Jason takes the note and rips it in half, obviously not caring at all. That note wasn't the last. He found several other notes all around the forest. It would make any normal human scared like hell but Jason isn't a normal human. All of a sudden Slender appears close to him and with a fast pace Jason confronts Slender with once again a machete in his hand and a thirst to kill. Jason goes to slash off some more of Slender only for his arm to be grabbed and Slender managed to make Jason drop the machete which landed in a upright position next to a fallen branch near them. Jason's hands couldn't move with Slender holding them back with his many hands. Jason headbutt Slender sending Slender into a daze. Jason started punching away at Slender's stomach. All the shots were really taking a number on him. Jason with one hard punch to the face that was so hard it took Slender off his feet sending him to the ground. Jason was in control. Just when it looked like Jason was going to finish it off Slender reached up and grabbed Jason, throwing him into a branch. This wasn't no ordinary branch though. It was the same one Jason's legendary machete fell to and when Jason landed he found himself with a blade sticking out of his chest. Jason wasn't moving. Slender had won. Slender managed to get himself up and was prepared to leave. He was going to go and search for another victim. Just then a snap of a leaf was heard. Cringling and crunching sound. The sound of a man getting up. It couldn't be. Slender slender walked his way a couple of feet from the scene. He noticed the notes that were on the trees were balled up and some ripped up. A small annoyance but no harm in it. He could get more victims. Just as Slender was going to walk to another dimension Jason jumped from behind a tree with the machete still in his chest and grabbed Slender. Once again they traveled making a return trip back home for Jason, back to the woods. Once they were finally there Jason and Slender broke free and looked at each other. Jason started out strong, punching away at Slender sending him back a few feet. Slender delivered a strong smack that sent Jason onto his back which pushed the machete out of Jasons body. Slender had to get away. He tried to slender walk away but only to recieve a machete into his back that was thrown by Jason expertly. Slender was now on his stomache. Jason quickly walked up and drove his machete all the way into Slender. Once he saw Slender wasn't moving he withdrew his weapon from his prey's back. Jason walked away and right when he was almost at the end of the forest everything looked good for Jason but then it happened. Figures appeared everywhere. Slendermen EVERYWHERE. They circled Jason. As the creatures phased in and out closer to him. He begain slashing away all over, taking down each figure which didn't appear to be anything at all and then it grabbed him. Slenderman grew twice as big and lifted Jason, holding each of his legs and his right hand. Jason went to swing with his left machete hand but Slender grabbed it. Another hand came out and grabbed Jason's head. Jason was completely held back. All of a sudden a great force of Slender's strength was shown as it was tugging at Jason's body until it happened. All of Jason's limbs and head was pulled off. Slender with all remaining strength threw Jason's arms,legs and head into Crystal Lake . The rest of Jason's body laid on the ground and with it Slender explored it and took out kidneys,hearts and anything else he could get. What Slender was going to do with them is unknown.

Winner: Slender Man

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