Keep Your Workers Close, Interns Closer

Marjorie Simon is about to take on the biggest work assignment of her life. Charleston Corp. has assigned her to take an internship at their rival company, Bevelton Enterprises. Her job? To spy on sales and ideas and report everything back to main headquarters.
Spying? Piece of cake! Marjorie has been eavesdropping and snooping around for as long as she can remember. But, things get complicated when she has to become a project assistant to Aiden Bevelton, interesting worker at Bevelton Enterprises and son of CEO Preston Bevelton.
A sparking office romance makes it harder and harder for Marjorie to live up to the fake intern identity that she has made up for herself. And what will Marjorie do when she finds out what Charleston Corp. is deciding to do with the information she's provided them? Has she turned into a little pawn in the corporate monster's game?


1. 1. The Roommate

I stumbled into my apartment around 2 am. You've got to start handling your liquor better, Marj! One more strawberry daiquiri and you actually might have let that creep Morrison take you back to his place. I shuddered just reminiscing about how his Heineken breath felt on the hairs of my neck. When would I ever learn that going drinking with people from the office never turned out well?

The lights were still off. It was better that way - at least I wouldn't have to face my intoxicated face and trussed-up hair and clothes until the morning when it was actually time to go to work. I locked the door behind me and made sure the chain was in place - you could never be too careful when living in the heart of New York City.

My feet and head ached from the long day. I kicked my purple heels to the side and hung my matching trench on the coat rack. "Mommy can't afford you both, but at least you made her look hecka hot tonight," I whispered to them before dragging myself to the living room. I crashed on the couch, burying my head in the overstuffed pillow/

"Late night again?"

I shrieked and shot up from the couch. I calmed down a bit when I saw it was just my roommate Kendra sitting on the opposite chair. "Christ, Ken! You scared the crap out of me!" I panted, putting a hand on my chest.

She rolled her eyes. "It's freaking two in the morning, Marj! Who'd you sleep with this time? Please don't tell me it was that pedo Henry Morrison again. For the love of God, Marj, he's practically twice your age."

My face flushed. "I didn't, for your information. Geez! When did you become my mother?"

Kendra and I had been friends since middle school and throughout high school. We had conflicting personalities - she had always been the responsible one. School work in on time, no nonsense straight edge - you know, everything that my parents had ever wanted me to be. I, on the other hand, was the "free spirit" you could call it.  Late nights, party obsessed, and had been to my first kegger before I was even old enough to get my license - you know, everything Kendra's parents so desperately tried to keep her away from. We sort of balanced each other out.

Surprisingly, we both got into our dream college, NYU. After we found out that we had both made it, we thought that nothing could be more perfect than moving in together in an apartment that was only a few blocks away from our school. We arranged so that she would pay half of the rent and as would I, and we had a pretty good rooming agreement going. Her mom and dad were far from happy that we would be spending the majority of our time together. They didn't want my influence rubbing off on her squeaky clean personality.

Six years later, two years after college, and no rubbing off seemed to had happened in any direction. She was her same, annoying, pure and clean self. At least I could rely on her at the end of the month when I was a little short on rent money. I mean, come on - Louboutin and Dior would have been very lonely on the shelves of the store, but I rescued them and let them come live in my closet. Surely that was a thousand times more important than shelling out my half of the rent.

Even though I absolutely loved her to death, her recent obsession with my night life was getting on my nerves. "Look," she said, "We're like sisters. I'm not trying to be the annoying roommate who won't leave you alone, but I'm just worried. Ever since you took that job at the offices at Charleston Corp. you've been having really late nights. And you've been bringing back really odd people to the apartment, and that freaks me out."

I let out an exasperated sigh. "I brought someone back here twice, Ken! You act like I've been running a human trafficking service in here!" 

She narrowed her eyes. "Still. And you've been short on your end of the rent for three months now. You need to start being more responsible. Or, you can choose the more reasonable and likely choice and magically make the thousand bucks you owe me appear this month."

I shook my head. "You wanna see a magic trick? Here's one. I'm going to go to my room and go to bed. When I wake up, you will have magically disappeared! Thank you, thank you, that will be all."

"Marj, you've go to stop acting like you're still 18. We're both 24 now. We live in the real world. Or, at least I do. You need to stop thinking life is about partying and drinking and staying out until all hours of the night. Real life is going to work, budgeting, and not spending your rent money on a pair of stilettos that you'll probably wear once in your life." We both knew she was talking about the three hundred dollar pair of purple heels that were now lying by the door. She stood up and walked to her room door. "Either you start acting like a grownup, or I'll start looking for a roommate that knows how to." Her door slamming ended the conversation.

I stood there for a minute. My pink-drink-filled mind tried to process what had just happened. If that was what being an adult was all about, then screw it. 


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