Lots of people thought that technology will be everywhere in the future. Everyone would be in hover cars, touch screens in almost every place, you name it. But they didn't think about what would happen if technology failed us. If every plant overgrew, power flickered on and off once every year and power itself came to fight off humanity. Follow me Victoria Chestlewood through my great adventures of the world I know, abandoned.


1. training

My name is Victoria Chestlewood. I can only remember things since I was four. I'm now eighteen and decided to write this book about myself because everyone in the camp is doing so. It's so they can send it back to their family and love ones. That's great if you have any, I don't. I am the only girl in our squad. We together are the "Young Fighters", or going to be anyway. We train to become, as I said " fighters", and will then be working for Captain Newby. Our camp and hundreds more are in what was New York, well still is. Since I'm the only girl in my squad I have to have these swirls tattooed* to my face which shows my distinctive blue eyes. I have only seen two other girls vaguely have the swirls on their faces but I don't see many others anyway. I am quite lonely and only have the words which I can remember my dad say to comfort that. He would say "Your eyes are like the day sky but by night are like the rough ocean waves." I never really knew what he meant till I was eight. He and mother argued every night since I could remember, I used to cry every time I heard them shout. They could always feel my presence in the room and leave the argument for the day after. He must of meant I was happy in the day but when they argued at night my eyes watered like waves. They were sad tears of course, they were dark like night. I would always sit up in bed praying they had stopped and will be happy but they never did.

I remember all that cool technology we had. Walking to school in my tight, brilliant white all-in-one suit. It had these luminous blue stripes circling my body. They would read your mind to see if your hot or cold and would heat up or cool you down. They were all the rage I guess in that time, I bet some of the people here had them too. There was these glass touch screens everywhere which was great to use. They would be in school so we could all use them, in your house and every room, out side in parks and city centres and even in you bathroom! Those where the days when I would sit in the hover car and sing along to "Robot Central", a robotic sounding band.

As my training I have to stand in an arena with half a dozen Siberian Tigers lined up. There is two people one on either side and you have to fight each other with the tigers trying to rip you to shreds. Sometimes both people make it out alive, sometimes no one does. Then at night you keep guard and take turns to sleep at the front gate at the camp. It's not great but I want to make my dad proud.

* Captain Newby calls them tattoos but they are really are excruciatingly painful burns which blacken to look like ink.

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