Wedding Day<3

This story is about were two people were get married


4. Honeymoon

The day after the wedding My mum and dad booked a Honeymoon to Spain for three weeks.My mum didn't just book it for her and my dad she booked it for Abby and Becky as well. Becky and Abby  hugged and kissed them both on the cheek. My mum said we better get packing we are leaving at twelve a clock tonight. So Becky,Abby,Mum and Dad All started packing loads of stuff they started at three o clock and the finished at five o clock .Mum cooked are tea really quickly.  We had are tea at eleven o clock at night.Then we had to rush to Manchester airport  and wait for are plane.It was here in a tick so we all got on the pane happily 

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