Déjá Vu.

New college, new friends, new surroundings. Its all going well for Bonnie, when day ja vu hits her, will she cope?

Many thanks to Rish Bish ;)


18. The Farm House.

Bonnie's POV.

We were finally at my 'surprise', I quickly jumped out the car and took a breath of fresh air. I shut the car door and looked around. We were at the country side. There were fields everywhere, there were sheep, cows, and pigs scattered around. I looked at the house behind me, it looked cozy, the walls were white and and had flowers scattered around it. There was also a stable with horses, there were about seven horses, which is quite a lot. The weather wasn't that hot either, it was breezy, but it was nice.


I felt a pair of hands wrap around my waist. Obviously it was Luke.

"Like it?" He whispered into my ear. He started kissing my neck, trying to find my sweet spot, even though he didn't and I didn't like it, I just pretended that I did.

"Yeah! How come we're staying here?" He turned me around so I could face him.

"Its my parents farm house, I grew up here." My eyes widened, I was going to meet Luke's parents. Oh crap. What if they don't like me? What if I mess up? Oh my god...

"You grew up here? You must have had an amazing child hood! Why didn't you tell me?" 

"I guess it never crossed my mind." He flashed his pearly white teeth and pecked me on the lips. I gave him a fake smile, he doesn't notice its fake, so I'm safe.


Jason's POV.

I stepped out the car and closed the door shut. I leaned on my car while looking around. I noticed the horses, it reminded me of... her. Before she died... I'd do anything to see her again. Her lovely straight blonde hair, her small fragile body, her amazingly cute laugh, her kisses and h--

"Hey Jace, you okay? You look... Pale." Bonnie gave me her 'concerned' look.

"I'm fine Bonnie, I'm just tired." I replied, thinking of the first thing that came into my head.

"Are you sure its... its just... you haven't been yourself lately and--" I cut her off quickly.

"Bonnie don't worry, I'm fine, and I'm sorry, about the whole Ellie thing." She didn't reply after that. She just pulled me into a hug, I hugged her back.


She pulled away and smiled. She patted me on the shoulder and walked off.

(A/N: Hehe... Whos the mystery girl eh?)


Bonnie's POV.

I made my way to the stable to check out the horses. I love horses, I actually used to have horse riding lessons, but I quit when Jackson died... I pretty much quit life when he died.

I got to the stable and found the most amazing horse ever. It had long lovely cream hair, a lovely coat that looked like white chocolate, also spots of chocolate brown and the brightest blue eyes I've ever seen.

I stroked its nose and it licked my hand. I giggled randomly and felt a big cheesy smile appeared on my face. Yes, my real smile, animals have that effect on me.

"Hey Bonnie!" I turned my head to see Luke.

"Hey." I replied, still stroking the horse.

"See you found my sister's horse, my sister moved away years ago though." What.... He has a sister, what next?

"Its beautiful.." I glanced over to the horse and stroked under its chin.

"It is a she, and she is called Buttons." Luke chuckled.

"Buttons..." I smiled at the name.

"Come on, lets go inside, it's freezing!" He pulled me towards the front door.


"Mum? Dad?" Luke called out, shutting the door behind everyone. I heard a bark, as a big fluffy sheep dog came running in.

"Tommo!" Luke shrieked, making my ears hurt. Tommo the dog jumped on top of Luke, making him fall to the ground.

"I missed you, yes I did!" Luke cooed in his baby voice as Tommo licked Luke's face. After awhile, Luke pushed Tommo off of him and patted his head. Tommo trotted up to me and started sniffing at my legs. I bent down and started stroking him, making his tail wag like mad. My face was near to his and he started licking me like mad, I closed my eyes as he covered my face in saliva and galloped off afterwards. I was about to wipe the slobber off with my sleeves before an idea popped into my head. I pretended to wipe the slobber off with my sleeves and made my way to Luke. He smiled at me and lent into to kiss me, I smirked evilly and wiped my face all over his.

"Eurgh! I'm covered in dog slobber!" He quickly pulled away and wiped his face with his sleeves, I laughed evilly and he gave me a playful pout. I heard some foot steps quickly falling down the stairs, I turned to the stairs and saw... Luke? What? But... Luke is there and... What the fuck?

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