Déjá Vu.

New college, new friends, new surroundings. Its all going well for Bonnie, when day ja vu hits her, will she cope?

Many thanks to Rish Bish ;)


14. Sober.

Luke's POV.

I'm furious, I thought I knew Bonnie. I guess not.


Luke walked into my room, "Can we talk?" He asked. I nodded in reply and got up from the bed. We stood awkwardly in the middle of the room. "So... Do you really think Bonnie done all of those things?" He looked at me with a serious face. "Of course I do, there's proof on Ellie's shoulder!" I raised my voice a bit. "I can't believe you... You've known Ellie for a day. How long have you known Bonnie?" He gave me a 'your full of shit' look. "For fucks sake, the whole time you were jealous of me and Bonnie, and now that this is happened, you've taken your chance to take her from me!" I spat. I saw the anger rise up inside of him. "You don't honestly think that do you?" He said. "I see you two, always hugging and stuff!" I shouted even louder. "Your just a home-broken, jealous little--" I was cut off by Michael pinning me to the wall. "SHUT UP!" He screamed. He started punching me in the stomach. I groaned in pain. I pushed him to the ground and jumped on top of him. I started punching his face. He pushed me off of him and he stood up and started kicking me in the chest. I shouted out in pain. That's when Scottie came in. "What the fuck?!" He ran over to Michael and pulled him back. I stood up and wiped the blood from my face. Michael was struggling to get away from Scottie. "Calm down mate!" Scottie shouted. The rest of them came in and Ron helped Scottie with Michael, they pinned him to the wall. "Calm down!" Scottie repeated. Michael was taking deep breaths, and he finally stopped fighting it. He pushed them off him and made his way to the door. I was sitting on the bed rubbing my chest where he had been kicking me. I have never seen this side of Michael in ages... "Open your fucking eyes." Michael said before he walked out. Jason pulled his arm back. "Where are you going?" Jason asked. "To find Bonnie." He gave us all a look of pity, he shook his head at us and walked off.


Michael's POV.

I slammed the front door behind me and ran out into the streets. I had no idea where to look for Bonnie. All I could think about was her. But I couldn't find her. God, I can't believe Luke said that. He knows I react to that. Home broken....


I came by an alley way, I could hear little sobs echoing. I ran through the alley way and looked near a big bin. In the corner between the bin and the wall was Bonnie, crying her eyes out. She was hugging her knees. I sat down in front of her. "Bonnie?" I whispered. She looked up slowly. "Michael?" I pulled her into a hug and started rubbing circles into her back. She cried even more. "Shh... Its okay..." I told her. "No its not, I killed him, she told me so." She hugged me tighter and so did I. "Whatever she said, its not true." She pulled away and looked at my face. "Why are you bleeding?" She asked looking concerned. "Oh, me and Luke.. we had a fight..." I told her. She wiped the blood from my nose and kissed my forehead. I gave her a smile, but she just gave me a fake one. I stood up and picked her up with one arm under her knees, and one arm behind her back. I walked off with her and she gave me a real smile this time. "I can walk by myself you know." I laughed. "I know." I smiled at her and carried on walking.


Bonnie's POV.

Michael brought me back to his place. Right now I'm in his room sat on his bed. Michael is making some tea. I took my phone out of my pocket and started to text Luke.

To: LukeyBoy.

Are we over? x

I hesitated to send the message for a second, but I brought the courage to send it. I threw the phone on the bed and waited. After a while I got a text. I took my phone and unlocked it. It was a text from Luke, without hesitation I opened up the message.

From: LukeyBoy.

I don't know

I dropped my phone on to the bed and fell into tears. I laid on my belly and buried my head into the pillow as I cried. I heard the door open, and then I felt a hand rubbing my back. "What happened?" I lifted my head from the pillow, and I turned to see Michael. He took my phone and he read the conversation. He frowned. "Oh.." He looked over to me, he put his hand on my cheek and he wiped my tears with his thumb. He pulled me into my hug and I hugged him back and cried into his neck. 


After we drank our tea, I started walking to my mum's house. She knows about her friend, but I haven't talked to her about it. I arrived at her door and I knocked three times. It opened straight away and I saw my mum, she was sober. She smiled at me and pulled me into an embrace. She pulled me into the house and brought me to the sofa. "I'm so sorry I wasn't there for you baby." She pulled me into another hug and she started crying. I was so shocked, I've never had this kind of relationship with my mum since Jackson died...  "Its okay mum..." I hugged her back and smiled. We pulled away from the hug, "I need to go toilet, I'll be right back." I walked upstairs and into the bathroom.


After I had a pee, I looked in the mirror to see if I looked okay. I heard the front door open, probably some of mum's friends, I frowned and unlocked the bathroom door. I opened it and saw Luke...


"Luke?" I whispered, I felt like I was going to break into tears any second. "Bonnie..." He looked at his feet. "What are you doing here?" I asked. He looked back up. "We're all here with... Ellie..." I soon as I heard that name my heart sunk. "Oh... well... I'll be on my way..." I walked past him and I headed towards my old room, I didn't want to face anyone, but I was pulled back by Luke. "Why did you do those things?" He asked, I could tell the hint of sadness in his eyes. I took a deep breathe. "Don't always believe what you hear." I told him and walked off into my room. I opened the door and that's when all the memories of that night with my mums friend came back. I felt like dying right there. I shut the door, I leaned on the wall and slid down, I started sobbing, and it was quite loud, but I didn't care. I hugged my knees and closed my eyes. I heard the door open, but I didn't bother to look who it was. I felt a hand go around my shoulder. I looked up to see Luke. "Don't cry.." He whispered, he kissed my forehead and wiped my tears. "I'm sorry... I believe you. We're not over." He pulled me into a hug and I cried even more. I buried my face into his chest.

I felt safe again...




Authors Note: WADDUP MOFOS?!?! Aww... they're back together c; So, I won't be writing for a while because I'm going to Romania tomorrow, I'll be back the following saturday... I'll make sure I'll write a load of chapters today to make it up to you :) AND WE'RE NEAR THE END OF THE BOOK!!! See ya later's!

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