Déjá Vu.

New college, new friends, new surroundings. Its all going well for Bonnie, when day ja vu hits her, will she cope?

Many thanks to Rish Bish ;)


10. Sleepover #2

Bonnie's POV. 

We were watching paranormal activity... No sleep for me tonight! Its getting scary... "What was that noise!?!?" I shrieked jumping onto Louisa and hugging her. "Its only the door Bonnie!" Rebecca laughed. "Oh, I'll get it." I said. I stood up and made my way to the door. The door bell rang again. "OKAY OKAY!" I raised my voice. I opened the door and there was nobody there. I looked to see if anyone was around. Out of no where, Scottie jumped in my face and screamed, I screamed to. I think I blacked out because everything went dark.


Louisa's POV.

I heard a bang and looked towards the door. Bonnie was on the ground and unconscious. I looked at the door and saw Scottie and the other boys looking as guilty as possible. "What did you do?!" I shouted. "Er.. well.. we sorta scared.. Bonnie... and she... er... passed out...." He mumbled. By now Luke was picking up Bonnie bridal style and making his way upstairs to my room so she could rest. Scottie sat down on next to me. I hit him on the arm. "Oi! What was that for?" He said while pouting. "You know perfectly well why I did that!" I shouted in his face... Gosh hes so cute when hes upset.... He pulled his cute upset face. Its so hard to stay mad at him. I put my head on his shoulder, he pull me onto his chest and kissed my forehead. He put his arms around my waist.


Luke's POV.

I laid Bonnie on the bed and placed the cover over her. Shes so beautiful when she sleeps... I moved a piece of her hair out of her face and kissed her cheek. I leaned on the wall and waited for her to wake up.


She fluttered her eyes open and turned to me. "What happened?" She asked in her morning voice. It was cute. Even though it wasn't morning... "Scottie scared you and you passed out" I said while chuckling. She got up and stretched her arms. She jumped out of the bed, "Race you down stairs!" She yelled while running out the door. She got to the end of the hall, I'd already caught up and I grabbed her waist and threw her over my shoulder, she screamed and laughed, she clutched onto my shirt as I ran down the stairs. Everyone was on the floor watching the rest of the movie, so I threw her onto the sofa. She screamed and laughed. Everyone looked at us like we were mental or something.  Scottie stood up and shouted "PILE!!!" He jumped onto Bonnie and she screamed, I jumped over Scottie, I don't know who was next because I couldn't see, but everyone was screaming like mad.


We were watching another movie, Shaun of the dead. Bonnie picked it.

Bonnie's head was on my chest and my arm was around her shoulder and the other was around her waist, I could feel her breath on my chest. (Warning: SPOILER ALERT) We were watching the bit when Ed, I think his name is, dies. I felt a tear escape my eye. My chest was wet, I looked down to see Bonnie crying. I pulled her closer and hugged her tightly. She wrapped an arm around my waist.


It was getting dark, we've decided to stay round Louisa's house for the night, I was sleeping in one of the spare rooms, I insisted on sleeping on the sofa, but Bonnie refused, so shes sleeping the sofa instead. Scottie was sleeping with Louisa, obviously, Bronx and Rebecca was sleeping in the other spare room. Jason was sleeping on the floor in the living room and Michael slept in the bath. Don't ask why...

We were all going bed now, Louisa and Bonnie were sorting out, Michael's, Jason's and Bonnie's bed out. I went to the kitchen quickly and grabbed a bag of crisps (A/N: Or chips if you live in the US :3) I ran to the spare room unseen and shoved the crisps under the bed. After a while Scottie came in and lent me some of his pyjamas, since he has a pyjama draw in Louisa's room for when he stays over for the night. "Thanks mate." I said "Any time, mother fucker." He yelled jokingly as he walked out. I changed into his pyjamas, then I realised what was on it. It was pink, and it had 'JB' all over it. Thanks Scottie. I kept my t shirt on and put the pyjama bottoms on. I turned the light off and grabbed the crisps, I opened the crisps and started stuffing my face.


Bonnie's POV.

Jason and Michael are already asleep, I can tell because they're snoring. I laid on the sofa and looked through my phone. They snore so loud! I looked through my contacts and started to text Luke.

To: LukeyBoy.

Hey, I can't sleep, Michael and Jason are snoring :(


I sent the message and after like 5 seconds I got a text message from Luke.


From: LukeyBoy.

Aw! Then come to my room. I won't snore, promise :)


I put the phone in my pyjama pocket and got out of the covers. I opened the spare room door to see Luke on the bed, eating some crisps, I jumped into the bed with him and grabbed a hand full of crisps. "Hey! They're mine!" He said as he laughed. I shoved them into my mouth and chewed, I swallowed it and laughed evilly. He jumped onto me trying to get the rest of the crisps out of my hands, I ended up dropping the crisps all over the bed. Me and Luke were in an awkward position. 


I stared into his eyes for a moment, and he stared into mine. They were so beautiful. He looked down at my lips then back into my eyes. For fucks sake! Kiss me already! Obviously I didn't say it out loud. He leaned in and kissed me. The fireworks started and it felt like me and him were the only people in the world. He slid his tongue under my bottom lip, asking for entrance, I accepted and he slid his tongue into my mouth. He pulled away and flopped down onto the bed, he smiled at himself, and then he smiled at me, I smiled back. He brought me closer to him and kissed my forehead. I snuggled into his chest and sleep took over.




Luke's POV.

I woke up with Bonnie at my side, she was nice and warm. I smiled at myself, I stared at her for a moment before her eyes fluttered open. "Morning sunshine." I whispered into her ear. She smiled at me and she kissed me on the lips. She pulled away and she bit her bottom lip. I wanted more, so I passionately kissed her, all of a sudden Scottie came barging in, "RISE AND SHINE MOTHER FU.... OOOOOOO! I'LL LEAVE YOU TOO IT THEN, SHALL I?" I heard him laugh as he ran out. We pulled away from the kiss and I jumped out of bed. "Whats up with your pyjamas?" Bonnie laughed hysterically while pointing to my bottoms. "Haha... very funny." She stopped laughing and wiped a tear coming from her eye. She jumped out of bed and looked into the mirror hanging on the wall. She made sure her hair wasn't a mess, I tossed her a brush and she caught it. She brushed through her hair and I watched her. Her silky hair flowed down to the middle of her back, I came behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist. I kissed her neck and she put one arm around my neck, I sucked on her skin. I small moan escaped her lips and I pulled away. She kissed my cheek and jogged into the living room.


Bonnie's POV.

I ran down stairs and jumped onto the sofa where Scottie and Louisa were cuddled up. Scottie smirked at me and shouted out. "So whats going on with you and Luke then?" He chuckled. I looked down at my hands and tried to hide the blush forming on my face. Luke came down stairs and sat down next to me, he pulled me closer to him and kissed my forehead. Everyone giggled and Luke shot them a glare. "OKAY! EVERYONE GET READY! WE'RE HAVING A PARTAAAY!" Shouted Jason while running to the front door, obviously to his car to get to his house and get ready. Luke, Michael ran behind him. Louisa came closer to me and nudged me "So whats going on with you and Luke then?" She whispered in a smug tone. She smirked. "Well... we kissed and--" I was cut off. "OMG! YOU KISSED THATS AMAZING!!" She stood me up and started jumping around, Rebecca joined in.


I went to my house and got changed into this:


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