The Story Of Marcel

Marcel always had it hard in school. Everyone judged him on his clothes and glasses and what he looked like. They never got to know what was on the inside which was a really sweet boy, until a surprise turns up one day at school.


13. What a night

Marcels P.O.V

I try and explain everything to her but even though she is still a bit icy with me for dancing with Mindy she forgives me. We sit in the booth at the café for hours talking things over and by the end I pull out something from my pocket.

Hazels P.O.V

Another red rose with a card attached to it. I blush a little then but when I read the card I feel a grin so wide spread across my face it must look grimace. 'Will you go on a date with me?' I giggle. "Well of course I will," I say and see him blush. I go home and get changed into a grey and blue dress. I put my converse on with it as im not a high heel sort of girl. Marcel comes to pick me up at 7. I think I can get used to him with curls and no glasses. He turns up wearing skinny jeans and a white shirt with a blazer and bow tie. Hes wearing the same converse as me which makes me laugh. We go to a fancy restaurant and are lead to a table by the window. I order pasta and Marcel orders a pizza with bacon. It comes out and looks so nice I end up eating half his pizza as well as my pasta. For desert we order hot chocolate fudge cake even though we both agree the one at the café is much nicer. We are on our way out when we notice Mindy and Joey walking in. We both dodge behind a plant and luckily they don't notice us but as we are about to leave our hiding spot we realise their table is right in front of the plant. Great. Marcel starts pulling funny faces and we both get the giggles but successfully manage to keep them to ourselves. We begin to panic after 25 minutes of hiding so we spot a window behind us which we manage to open and climb out of. We let the laughter flow after we are free outside. By the time the bus pulls up at my house I'm all laughed out and just want to go to bed. Marcel stays on the bus until my stop and walks me to my door. "Well, thanks for a great evening," I say. "You welcome," says Marcel and then he looks as if he is considering something he quickly leans up and gives me a light kiss on the cheek. He pulls away and looks at the floor blushing. I take a step in and let our lips meet. Again I feel a firework display around us. I pull away smiling. "Night," I say with a giggle. "Night," says Marcel and before he leaves he gives me wink. What a night.

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