The Story Of Marcel

Marcel always had it hard in school. Everyone judged him on his clothes and glasses and what he looked like. They never got to know what was on the inside which was a really sweet boy, until a surprise turns up one day at school.


8. Day of Shopping

Marcels P.O.V

What most people don't know is im quite a romantic. I have a few more things planned for Hazel and then she'll have to forgive me. I get on the bus the next morning and wait for her to bring up the rose and card but she doesn't. She talks to me which is a good thing and by the time we're at school we are almost like our usual selves. That's when it all stops. Joey Johnson is walking towards us and I feel Hazel tense. "Well hey babes," he says putting his arm around her. "Get off Joey," she says shrugging off his arm. "Woah, hey, I thought we were supposed to be going to the dance together? Do you know how many girls wanted to go with me, you should be honoured I picked you out." He says flexing his muscles. "Yeah, about that, im anything but honoured," says Hazel. "Come on Marcel," and she grabs my arm and pulls me away. "I wish you could back out after asking someone to the dance," she says. Its school rules that once you have a date you cant change it. "Well, its one night, and all you have to do is walk in with him and then you can try and avoid him for the rest of the night and try and enjoy yourself," I say also wishing she could back out of the date with Joey. "Hey Marcel?" she asks. "What?" "I need a dress! Even though I am going with a complete pig I still wanna look nice," she says. "Well then! We need to go shopping!" I say and she laughs and we agree to go after school tomorrow.

<The next day at the Mall>

"Right! Where do we start," I say as I am hopeless at shopping. "Well, can we go to my favourite dress shop 'Candy Rain' first and then I think all the dress shops are on that floor anyway so we can make our way around the shops," she says. "Ok then!" I say. When we walk into 'Candy Rain' I was stunned. I had never seen so many dresses before in my life! And they were all quite soft shades of nearly every colour there is! Baby blue and Pinks as light as candyfloss. Hazel immediately grabs a light peach dress which has a ribbon tied around the waist. She runs around picking out dresses and when she has a about 5 she goes into the changing room. I sit outside on a velvet couch waiting. The first dress which is a silky green and covered in white lace looks amazing but doesn't really make any lasting impressions. Its the same with the next three. I'm expecting the same with the last dress when she comes out. Its the light peach one she grabbed first. It flows down past her ankles and is a little longer at the back so you can still see her shoes. It fits perfectly like it was woven by fairies especially for her. I take her in and am finally snapped out of the trance. "I like this one," she says smiling. "I actually feel pretty in it," she says. "You look amazing!" I say. "Do you really think?" she asks with her dimpled grin. She knows she does. "I don't think, I know!" I say. Im so glad to get my best friend back. I push back all my feelings just for today so I can enjoy the fact I have a friend. "Right, Next is shoes, my treat," I say. "I have shoes," she says. "I know, but you need a perfect pair of shoes to go with that dress," I say, pushing my glasses up my nose a little. Im also boiling in this sweater vest but I don't care, I don't want this day to end. We buy the dress and go into 'Shirleys' the biggest shoe store in the mall and head straight to the high heels. We go through nearly every pair of high heels but none feel right. Then I spot a pair of ballet pumps. They are the same colour as Hazels dress and have a delicate metal flower on them. I run over and get them. "Oh my god marcel! Theyre perfect!" she says. "May I?" I say and she giggles. "Of course," she says and sits down. We re-enact the Cinderella shoe fitting scene and end up rolling around with laughter. I buy the shoes for her and we get a milkshake to go as it was getting late. We get the bus home and when I get off we wave and pull silly faces until the bus drives off. For me its the end of a perfect day, but what she doesn't know is that her day isn't finished yet. When she gets home, she will find another rose with tinfoil on the stem and a card that says 'Angel' written on it with swirly letters.

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