Why does he want me?

McKenzee is 18 she doesn't have the cutes or the most expensive clothes. She her self is not cutest either she has curly blonde hair and blue eyes and is short. She doesn't have much friends. Her parents died when she was young now she lives in a abusive foster home it's her 10th year there she hates her life the only reson she is still alive is because wen she was 8 yeas old her mom told her that she wanted her to grow up and find a boy that she loves and have a beautiful family. But no one likes her. She has to get up everyday and go to school she is a senior in high school and the "bad kids" are always in the parking lot but one of them always try's to talk to her who will it be? Will she push him away because of her abusive life or except his love?


8. Gunshots


Justin slammed on the breaks as hard as possible 

Justin: What the fuck?!?!?! What's wrong?

McKenzee: the people they're here...

Justin:What what people?

McKenzee: The ones that tryed to ... You know what that doesn't matter point is they are bad news and I shouldn't be around them before i get killed an you get hurt.

Justin:Hunny don't you think thy would be afraid if a gang leader?

iustin said as he shot a reassuring smile to mckenzee and she couldn't help but smile even thoe she wanted to scream because little did she know she is goin to stay at a gang members house!

McKenzee: GANG LEADER?!?!?

mckenzee blurted without thinking.

Justin:Yep so we gunna get your clothes or not?

Justin said with a flirty tone in his voice smiling at mckenzee.

Mckenzee: sure but theres not gunna be any gunshots rigt?

mckenzee asked questionably .

Justin:No promises babe.

replyed justin shooting mckenzee a wink mckenzee couldn't say anything case Justin was already to the drive way mckenzee ran over to catch up with him mindlessly grabbing his arm justin looked down at her and smiled then saw one if the men garbed mckenzees arm and cut her shoulder justin pulled out a hidden gun from under his shirt and shot both the men in their leggs and ran in to the house mckenzee went and packed her bag as quick as she could and ran back out to the car not even bothering to cover up her tracks so justin followed shortly after her and jumped into his car with mckenzee and speed off back to his house  as thy pulled up  the party was still going hard mckenzee told justin she wanted to drink to night justin thought that was a great idea  they walked in and justin went to get mckenzee a drink but slipped something into it the music was thumping and few hours later mckenzee was pretty fucked up and was getting a little suductive with justin mckenzee whispers in his ear  " I want my first time to be with you" after that she kissed his ear justin pulled her closer and  whisper back "what ever u say shorty "and kissed her neck sending electrical shocks through her boddy 









Justin swooped mckenzee up and started to kiss her neck mckenzee moaned as justin opend the door to his room and shuting it behind him  justin  set her down on the bed and took his shirt off and started to make out with mckenzee with her on the edge if the bed inbetween her legs with his hand a on each side of her face he licked her bottom lip asking for entrance witch was gladly granted by mckenzee  justin took one of his hands and slowly went up mckenzee s shirt and ripped it off her biting in her boron lip as he pulled away mckenzee rolled him over so she was on top justin pulled her so he was kissing her Chest mckenzee couldn't help but  moan  she pulled Justin closer and started to kiss him all  the way down to his jeans and started to Kiss him along the top of his jeans justin was moaning  he took off his pants and took off mckenzees he told her it wasn't going to hurt her but just as they started mckenzee  couldn't help but moan over and over things got a little heated about and hour  later they both collapsed and drifted off to sleep.

hey girlys 

sorry it's been so long but I am back for sure!


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