Styles Brothers

Three well known triplets throughout Cheshire have their eye on one girl from America, named Angel. There is Harry , the musical, funny , out going,all around good guy, with a hint of bad boy. Harry has shared his share of one night stands but not nearly as many as his brother, Edward. Edward is better known as 'The Styles Demon'. Edward is a massive player, a huge egoistic freak , mysterious , flirty prick. The kind of guy fathers would never want their daughter to meet. Then there is Marcel, little Marcel is the nerdyest of them all. As nerdy as they come actually. Always reading and studying and never in trouble , the kind of boy you see get bullied everyday. The goody goody. Everyone sees angel as ...well an Angel , who she really is only few know . So what happens when her secret moves to Chesire and she has to move with it? Then she meets the Styles brothers. What then?


3. Project


Angel p.o.v

Edward threw his bag on the ground of his room. He pulled at my sweater in attempt to pull it off. I grabbed his wrists. 

"Don't touch me" I snapped dropping his wrists. 

He backed me up against the door. 

"You are going to beg me to touch you later"He whispered. I roughly pushed him away. I find Marcel much more interesting. 

"I think I'd rather beg Marcel"I snapped pushing my glasses up. I left the room and bumped into a...wall? A very warm wall... I looked up to see a shirtless tattoo less fit body , Marcel ? Who knew under all that polyester and cotton was a six pack with killer biceps.

"Hey Marcel " I tried really hard not to gawk at his body, but fuck he is hella fit. 

"H-Hey A-Angel." he stuttered, " Not that I don't enjoy seeing you ,but why are you at my house?" He asked smiling, just enough that his dimples popped. 


"She is here with me" Edward emerged from his room snaking his arms around my waist. 

Marcel looked crushed and disappointed, he quickly covered it with a fake smile. "Oh" he turned around on his heels so quick , I'm not sure I saw it . I head butted Edward with the back of my head. He groaned and let me go. 

"Stop touching me" I exclaimed. I grabbed Marcel's hand and turned him around. 

"Not like that. I am Edwards math partner for the project. You know for us slow people a.k.a people not as genius as Marcel" I joked playfully elbowing him. His face lifted and smile brightened. 

"Oh, Sorry for your misfortune" He said sincerely. I laughed. 

"I get to see you don't I ?" I smiled brightly. "We have got to finish though" I sighed. 

He smiled and nodded. "I will see you tomorrow then. Umm bye" He gave me a quick hug and bolted off. Awww he is so adorable. I smiled. 

"So you like him , but not me , what the fuck. I look better than him " Edward argued. I burst into laughter they are twins ... What the fuck?!?! I was literally clutching my sides. 

"You are twins you ,twat. Plus Marcel is super adorable and has a killer attitude and personality and -" Edward slammed his lips on mine. Ewww. I kneed him in the balls hard as fuck. I wiped my mouth. 

"You bitch" He groaned holding himself. Fucker deserved it. 

"You are really convinced that every girl wants to get laid by you,aren't you. News flash Marcel is better than you. He doesn't play with girls hearts like paper airplanes" I spat at Edward.  

"Say it all you want babe, but it doesn't make it true. Besides a goody goody like you needs to get laid." He smirked,roughly slamming me against the wall. His hands traveled down my thighs, and then he pushed his body harshly against mine. Fuck, I cannot tell a lie, I like shit rough but, it depends on if I like the person of not and in case you couldn't tell I really hate him...already. He pressed his lower body onto mine and started to grind on me. Shit feels good , but I will let him know that when hell freezes over and Satan is an holy child angel again. I have been in some situations where I can't show my emotions, this shall be included as one of those situations.  "Oh my god , this feels great" I moaned sarcastically/fake like. 

"I know you like it I can feel you through your jeans and mine" He smirked he leaned down to kiss my neck. Ughh. Why he making this so hard hah just kidding, I have had worse situations. Might as well play with him. 

I did my best fake moan. "Edward" I groaned his name. I could feel him smirking against my skin. I started moving my hips onto his really hard, I grabbed his stuff. He groaned. 

" I am pretty sure I can feel you more than you can feel me " I kissed his neck roughly. He moaned and pushed his body harder against the wall, in this position I can literally feel him. Umm yeah , PINEAPPLES I don't like it. Time to end it. 

I grabbed his hair and forced his ear to my mouth. 

"I am a better actor than you would think." I kissed a spot under his ear. He groaned and started basically trying to have dry sex with me. Can you say thirsty ? 

I put my leg around his waist just to tease. Yet another groan, easy to please haha. "Angel" he moaned. 

"Oh yeah, keep moaning my name love. Your gonna be begging a lot" I whispered in a sexy voice. I removed my leg and roughly pushed him away so hard he fell to the ground. 

I smirked "Begging that one day I will let you fuck me. Oh and just putting it out there, I don't moan that easy " I snapped swinging my bag over my shoulder. His jaw was practically so wide it might as well had went through the earth and to China. I bent down to him. 

"I have said it once I will say it again, Marcel is damn sexy. Oh and if I were in that position with Marcel- well lets just say, you guys would need some earplugs a new bed, and maybe some thicker walls." I winked and felt a corner of my lip turn up. 

I jogged down the hall and down the stairs. I was moving pretty swift if I do say so me self. 

"Leaving so soon?" I stopped in my tracks. I turned around and saw a tattoo less body known as Marcel. 

I nodded,"No, Edward is...Edward and I need to get away from him" I shrugged. . 

He chuckled ,and his dimples showed through his cheeks. 

"How are you two even related?"

He smiled again and nodded. 

"I mean he isn't that bad just really annoying" he tried convincing me. Nope he is really that bad. 

"I will try and keep that in mind" I laughed a little. 

The was a bit of an awkward silence. Neither of us were speaking, nothing to say I am assuming. 

"I should probably finish the project , the sooner the better you know" I nudged him a little playfully. He nodded understandingly. 

Before I could even stop myself, I wrapped my arms around is warm, tones body. He tensed up , but quickly wrapped his arms around my semi-petite body. 

"Bye Marcel" This boy simply made me weak to my knees, harder to breathe and harder to speak. Hahah just kidding., but I cannot tell a lie I am a little weak to my knees , it is harder to breath and speak. I just don't think that it was because Marcel though. Probably just a little sick. 

"Bye ,Angel" He responded softly. I pulled back slowly, in all honesty , I felt really safe in his arms why? I don't know?I really just wanted to be with him... Weird right ?!?!

I stood on my tippy toes and pecked his cheek quickly. Dammit Angel,what the fuck? Why would you do that gosh!!

Because he cheeks were so soft and kissable !! No!! They aren't ! Yes they are, Angel,stop being a bitch! 

All of this mental arguing is probably a clue that this boy is going to drive me insane. I looked up and saw a crimson faced Marcel smiling. I couldn't help but smile back. 

"See you later" My eyes were looking straight into his, but he seemed dazed. He still nodded as confirmation. He is too cute. 

I turned on the heels of my converse.  I felt two arms wrap around my waist and pull me backwards. I hit a rock hard chest. 

"Play along, please" Marcel's confused accent rang through my ears. I nodded. Why do I have to play - 

His arms tightened around my waist and I felt his lips on my neck. Don't mind playing along at all. I know I may seem like a slut but, I honestly only did what I did to Edward to teach him a lesson, but Marcel seems to need my help so he has it. I leaned back on his well built body and felt all the stress in my body fade away. His arms remained around my waist firmly. He wasn't kissing my neck , he just had his head on my shoulder and his body pressed against mine. 

"So his is why you ditched me" A voice interrogated from the stairs. Edward. I smirked I memory if what happened earlier. 

"Guess it is true , Marcel got one" the curly one said walking from behind us. 

"Mine," Marcel ...growled and tightened his grip on my waist. "Mine ,Don't fucking touch her" He tightened his grip  on my waist and started kissing my neck again. I let a moan slip my mouth and my eyes closed involuntarily . Shit , not hiding emotions !!! Wait what happened to the nerd I knew earlier? 

"Your girl seemed to have enjoyed my touch as well" Edward scoffed. Marcel kissed my neck harder and licked it at the same time. I moaned again and my hips moved backwards grinding against him. He smirked against my skin and pulled away before pecking the area he had been kissing. His hands moved up the sides of my body, touching my boob ( <--- that word cracks me up) every so often. Once his hands moved back to my hips he slammed his crotch on my ass. I groaned a bit more, he kissed my neck causing me to moan. I turned so quickly it shocked me. I wrapped both legs around his waist and could like feel his bulge through his jeans. I moved around a bit. I smashed my lips onto his and slipped my to-

"Angel,are you alright ?" Marcel waved his hand over my face snapping me out of my trance. Whoa did I really just have that day dream? Yep , that just happened. 

"I'm sorry, can you remind me what was last said?" I needed to know where we left off. 

"You umm... kind of just kissed me" He blushed at the thought of it. His lips still look really soft. Oh what the hell?

I gripped the back of his hair and pulled his head down to my lips. He seemed really shocked and he was super tense. He slowly loosened up and returned the kiss. I felt some super shocks go through my body and some bomb ass fireworks go off. Our lips moved in sync, I felt his arms wrap around my waist to pull me closer to his body. I moved closer and wrapped my other arm around his neck and stood on my tippy toes to give me a bit more height. He  roamed his tongue across my bottom lip access denied. He grunted in anger and squeezed my,as you brits call it , bum. I groaned in a bit of pain. He slipped his tongue  in my mouth and we instantly started to fight for dominance .  I loved the way his tongue felt against mine it truly was amazing. I kept fighting though ,I always win!! He squeezed my bum really hard. Can I just say, Ow!! I whimpered amd felt him smirk. He took advantage of my pain moment and took dominance. Shit. I tried to put up a fight but he squeezed my butt again,harder. Ahhhh. That hurts more than when I was shot in my shoulder. I pulled back quickly to protest. 

"Stop doing that " I demanded in a pain filled voice. 

"Then stop trying to go against me . You know you like it anyway " Was that really Marcel? I can't deny it,it does kind of feel a bit good. I looked back into his eyes. The once lovely emerald was a dark and dangerous shade of green ...almost black. 

 He smashed his lips onto mine once again, picking up where we left off. For the first time in my life I was totally submissive. His tongue roamed my mouth freely. 

"Whoa, stop eating my sisters face" Logan? We were forced apart by two hands. My eyes flew open and saw who I confirmed to be Logan,he pushed me really hard and I saw a smirking Harry and Edward. Logan's fist was raised at Marcel, no. 

I tried to sprint back but someone held me back. I struggled hella hard. 

"Angel stop, I don't like doing this to you" Fuck it is Evan,I struggled even harder. Then another presence , and more hands holding me down. 

"Wifey, calm down he is just trying to protect you" Niall? Out of all people I trust Niall. My potato.

I watched Marcel take a blow to the face. Shit this hurts , watching him in pain hurts. I struggled so hard and did something I have never did in my 6 years of being a gang member or 4 years of being gang leader, I fought them both at once. I punched Niall and Evan with all the strength I had. I simply saw red. 
They let go and gripped their chest. The punch makes your heart literally skips two beats,giving me enough time to go help Marcel. Logan swung again and hit Marcel in his stomach. Unfortunately his brothers stepped in front of me. I slammed my already clenched fist into Harry's face making him black out instantly.  I grabbed Edward by his throat and kneed him in his stomach,and slammed my fist in his stomach. This made him weak enough that I could push him aside. I ran to Marcel's rescue. I pushed Logan away from Marcel and saw his bloody face. 

"Marcel " I gasped I turned to Logan and sent him a flying kick to the face. I kneeled down to Marcel. 

"I'm so sorry ,Marcel." I feel nothing but guilt, I haven't felt that in 6 years. He gave me his cute little smile. 

"It's okay, I would do the same if I saw some guy kissing my sister" he smiled. Not even a whole day yet and I put him into danger. Well fucking done. I pecked his lips. I think I have an addiction people. 

"Marcel, I-I it's not right. I shouldn't have kissed you-" Logan pulled me up. 

"You kissed him ?" He looked at Marcel's body in disgust. What the fuck. "Why?" He couldn't hide the disgust he was feeling. I punched him in his face and his head cocked to the side. 

"What the hell Angel?" He groaned. 

"You have no right " I spat at him. Someone grabbed my waist and I spun around. 

"Angel , what is upwith you? You never yelled at us let alone hit us. Why are you doing this now?" Niall asked his blue eyes filled with concern and his voice filled with hurt. 

"That was when I could count on you to have my back" I said in a betrayed tone. I pulled from his grip, and went back to Marcel. He needs something to stop this bleeding and swelling.

I pecked his lips and he started blushing again. "Marcel, I need you to tell me, does anything ache?" I had an unfamiliar tone, it sounded like worry. He nodded and pointed to his face and stomach. I glanced down to his stomach and saw a huge fucking red spot that looked like a forming bruise. I gave Logan a death glare, he shifted uncomfortably under my gaze. I kissed Marcel once again. 

"I'm alright , just a bit battered is all " his adorable accent rang through my ears. I felt the corner of my lips turn up. He smiled back. He started standing up slowly groaning every once in a while. I started standing with him , helping him along the way. I pecked his cheek and he winced. 

"I'm sorry" I realized the spot was where Logan landed his first punch. 

"It was worth it" He smiled. 

--Skip walk home and stuff in between it(I am way too lazy)----

I swung the door open and saw all of my gang members in there attack positions facing the door. 

"Oh it's you" Logan gave me the 'irrelevant ' tone. 

"Feeling the love " I had sarcasm dripping from the phrase as I threw my bag down. This sweater was killing me.

"Wifey  " Niall squealed putting his gun away in his thick Irish accent , wrapping his arms around me pulling me in for a hug. I love how he was back to himself and acting asnif what had happened earlier never happened. 

"Hey Potato " I grinned hugging him tightly. I pulled back due to serious annoyance, not of my potato , it is this damn sweater. 

"Hold up Potato " I demanded pulling of the damn sweater, revealing my Irish flag tank top and my almost sleeve of tattoos. I threw the sweater on the ground and went back to Niall. He gave me another one of his Horan hugs. 

"I'm sorry , about what happened earlier,wifey. I thought I was helping you but, I was just hurting you" He explained glumly. "I was just doing what I thought was best" I smiled a little. 

"It's okay. Marcel is a very forgiving guy. No hard feelings" I shrugged. 

"Do you still love me?" he asked sheepishly. 

" Of course, I will always love my little potato" I replied still holding him. 

"Enough to make your potato a sandwich?" He wondered. I pulled away to see him smiling a mischievous smile. I laughed and nodded. 

"But you must help" I insisted. He nodded eagerly. I jumped on his back. 

"To the kitchen we go" I shouted my battle cry. Then we were off. 


American Slang Dictionary:

Thirsty- Desperate, and/or needy 
Sorry it is so late. Hope you liked it. Thanks for reading. 

Like and Favorite. 

So what about this little stunt the twins pulled on Marcel and Angel. Those twat waffles. Yep. 

Question of the day : What was the worst thing someone has ever done to you?

Love you guys,

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