Styles Brothers

Three well known triplets throughout Cheshire have their eye on one girl from America, named Angel. There is Harry , the musical, funny , out going,all around good guy, with a hint of bad boy. Harry has shared his share of one night stands but not nearly as many as his brother, Edward. Edward is better known as 'The Styles Demon'. Edward is a massive player, a huge egoistic freak , mysterious , flirty prick. The kind of guy fathers would never want their daughter to meet. Then there is Marcel, little Marcel is the nerdyest of them all. As nerdy as they come actually. Always reading and studying and never in trouble , the kind of boy you see get bullied everyday. The goody goody. Everyone sees angel as ...well an Angel , who she really is only few know . So what happens when her secret moves to Chesire and she has to move with it? Then she meets the Styles brothers. What then?


7. Kiss

Edward p.o.v

I rummaged through my closet looking for that paper that held so many memories.  There it is, the only picture in existence with me and Angel. Her completion has changed a lot. From fiery red hair to honey brown. From a few piercings to the whole thing. We were on the bed playing a board game , I remember this from the day she left. I remember when I was a settled down person, now I am the 'bad boy ' or was. That blonde fellow looked really familiar. He is probably the owner of that tittle, since after all the fucker whooped my arse.  With the photo in hand I rushed out of my room to Marcel's , the twat knew about me and her past. I hate him for it. I will stop his goddamn heart with my bare hand. I will get her back. I swung the door open , greeted with the sight of Marcel and Angel cuddled up. Anger shook through my body, has she really forgotten me ? I let out a low growl and saw a trace of fear in my twins eyes. 
"I believe we have a project to finish " I spoke truthfully said. It was the best I came up with okay !!

She rolled her eyes at me before replying. "Fuck off Edward your presence is not wanted ." She snapped. Have I mentioned how stubborn she has gotten?

"Not wanted but needed " I snapped just a fast. "All I am asking for is two minutes, I just need you to review the damn thing " I groaned. I had some geek do the project, not willingly of course , but it was either that or a class A beating. 

" fine " she had IRRITATED all over her face. She turned to my twin and kissed his forehead. 

I felt myself shatter a bit. I remember when she used to do that to me. That simple gesture had stopped me from ending the lives of so many enemies. My jaw clenched along with my fist, that is MINE!

I grabbed her hand and dragged her out of Marcel's room and into mine, slamming the door shut.

"You know what the hell you are doing, so I highly suggest you stop. I know who you are and I know what we had, you know what we had too!" I growled releasing her hand. Her eyes furrowed in confusion, not a single trace of worry anywhere in sight. 

"Bro , what?" She scoffed and lifted an eyebrow , causing cute wrinkles on her forehead. On reflex I leaned in and placed a soft,gentle , lingering, kiss on her forehead. She stiffened and didn't flinch. My eyes closed for a split second , before fluttering open and retracting. 

"Why did you do that?" She snapped out of her trance. 

"Why didn't you stop me ?" I retorted. She ran a loss for words, so I picked up. 
"Exactly, you can deny what we had , but you can't deny this." I grabbed her face gently and collided my lips to hers, letting my eyes close and ... We stood there is  not moving an inch. I felt every memory , feeling, and everything come flying back. Why didn't this happen on our kiss before? Her small hands moved to my chest as an attempt to push me away, but a failed attempt. I started allowing my lips to move freely against hers, her lips synchronized with mine.  I backed her up quietly against the wall. Her hands gripped my shirt and pulled me closer to her, closing the already decreasing gap between us. 

Sparks, everywhere. Passion, Love, Lost Love, Grief? It was all there. I slowly pulled away from her. My lips felt swollen, and my heart was racing. It's her. Her hands released my shirt. My eyes opened to see her lips swollen and her hand on them. Her eyes opened and a tear slipped. Why is she crying? 

"You can't say you didn't fell that !" All hope in my body had risen and showed in my voice. 

Lighting fast her hand glided across my face leaving a stinging sensation on my left cheek. My head cocked to the side on impact. 

"And you can't say YOU didn't feel that! " She snapped again. "Just couldn't move on..."she trailed off. Before I knew it she was gone. 

I dropped to my knees pulling the picture from my pocket. I started at the photographed beauty. 

"I love you , Angel... Love me again..." I whispered staring at the photo blink a tear down. 

Yeah Buddy , major plot twist. Mmmhmmm , been planing this for a while haha. 
I'm sorry I am so slow , but school is a lot of work. 




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