Styles Brothers

Three well known triplets throughout Cheshire have their eye on one girl from America, named Angel. There is Harry , the musical, funny , out going,all around good guy, with a hint of bad boy. Harry has shared his share of one night stands but not nearly as many as his brother, Edward. Edward is better known as 'The Styles Demon'. Edward is a massive player, a huge egoistic freak , mysterious , flirty prick. The kind of guy fathers would never want their daughter to meet. Then there is Marcel, little Marcel is the nerdyest of them all. As nerdy as they come actually. Always reading and studying and never in trouble , the kind of boy you see get bullied everyday. The goody goody. Everyone sees angel as ...well an Angel , who she really is only few know . So what happens when her secret moves to Chesire and she has to move with it? Then she meets the Styles brothers. What then?


10. Girlfriend?

Unknown p.o.v

"Dammit , don't you think I fucking know that? I am trying to. I can't give you the location just yet. It'd be too obvious and Boss would kill me."I shouted over the phone. Damn, people these days.

"Watch your tone, I may love you but I won't hesitate to put you in you place" The gruff voice came from the other side.

I let out a sigh of frustration. "Okay, it will get done" I slammed to the phone down on the polished oak wood desk.

This is a fucking suicide mission.


Angel p.o.v

I whipped my locker open to see a very similar white note fall. Shit!!! The meet up . Fucking Hell. I bent down and picked it up. Let's see who was told. I unfolded the paper and was greeted by black writing .

'Guess I wasn't taken seriously. I guess I should tell little Marcel something interesting. Or maybe I should steal your gym clothes. Lovely tats and very interesting piercings. Maybe I should tell a certain Trent a certain something. Be there today 4pm same place or some blood will be on your hands.

With Hate,


"Wifey, I got the 'stuff'" Niall popped outta no where. Drugs? We don't associate with them. The damn note. I stuffed it into my back pocket, in my failed attempt to play it off.

"Niall , what the freak are you talking about?" I questioned slightly confused. He leaned in close to my ear. A bit too close for comfort. To anyone else it would have looked like heavy flirting and like he was kissing my ear, but oh well.

"The names and addresses for extra cookie points " He whispered excitedly. I couldn't prevent the huge smile. He pulled away and I wrapped my arms around him squeezing the life outta him. He let out a low chuckle and wrapped his arms around me too , he spun me around one good time before placing me back to the ground.

"Have I told you I loved you?" I playfully asked. He pulled back and had mischief in his baby blue eyes.

"Not nearly as much as you should " He smirked. Wow. Irish people sure do know how to ruin a moment. I pulled completely away.

"Because I cannot lie. " I snapped playfully , before turning around to slam my locker close. I felt an arm wrap around my waist and bury it's head in my neck. People love doing that huh?

"You know you love me ." Niall's Irish muffled voice hit my ears.

"Umm, I'm sorry, am I interrupting something?" I spun to met the voice. Elliot. A light blush spread over my cheeks. I knew exactly what it looked like. Like we were dating.

I said 'no', the same time Niall said 'yes',right against my neck sending shivers down my back. I unwrapped Niall's arm from my waist and slapped his arm. He rubbed his arm , but not before being completely dramatic.

"Fucking hell Angel, you know damn well you're heavy handed " He wailed before stalking off rubbing his arm in pain. So fake.

"Mmmmmm, not my boyfriend, she says , just friends, she says. So I say , bullshit." An undeniable smirk crossed his face.

"Is that jealousy I hear?" I put my hand to my hear, pretending to actually hear fake jealousy.

"Hmmm, how did you know Princess , am I that see through?" He asked playing along. I couldn't help but burst into laughter. "But serious is that blonde guy your boyfriend , because I don't want the same ass whoopin' as Zayn and Edward , shit looked like it hurt. " The seriousness in his voice cause a whole 'nother round of laughter.

When I finally sobered up I responded. "I promise neither of them are my boyfriend." As soon as I responded a huge grin plopped across his face and be slung his arm over my shoulder.

"Then until you get a boyfriend , you can consider yourself Elliot Williams's girlfriend. " He said it like was a honor.

"Alright Love, let's let the school know." He kept his arm in place , intertwining the hand over my shoulder with my own.

We walked down the hall with him tell terrible jokes, so terrible they made me laugh, ignoring all the whispers.

Everything was actually okay, well that was before I was violently ripped from him. And a loud bang echoed through the now silent hall.


Oh snip!! This is just a filler chapter. Thats why its so short.

Okay so I was thinking about doing imagines for random fans. So what do you guys think? If the reaction is positive I will send a mumble out exclusively to my fans. So let me know in the comments.

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