Harry Styles Is My World

this is about a werewolf that falls in love with harry styles but has an abusive father. What happens when her abusive father hurts her so bad she runs away therefore becoming a rogue? what happens when she finds out harry styles is a werewolf as well? are they mates? read to find out!


2. chapter 1

"MACEY WHERE'S MY FUCKING BEER!!!!" I wince at my dad's booming voice from downstairs. I walk down the stairs and reply in a small voice "I haven't got it yet" scared off what he'll do I walk closer and apologize saying i'll get it now. He nods of approval and I walk out to the little corner shop on our street. I look in the beer section and get xxxx beer for him. I was starting to walk faster as it starts to rain. I soon bump into someone and fall over making the beer bottles break and spill all over me "geez i'm so sorry babe!" a British accent comes into hearing shot "it's okay" I say looking into the eyes I've always wanted to look into. Harry Styles. "you okay?" harry asks as I take his awaiting hand "yeah" I say calmly. Your probably wondering why i'm not freaking out? because there is no point if they hate it. I smelt a wolfy smell radiating off of his body "I love your eyes!" harry says "thanks, I was diagnosed with heterochromia" I say blushing "cool" he whisper's "okay i'll see ya later" I say turning around and walking off. I enter the shop again and get the same xxxx beers and head home "sorry I'm late dad, this dickhead made me trip and break your beer bottles!" I say lying "it's okay Macey" he says as I hand him the beers while he was watching football "your lying aren't you?" father says as I start walking up the stairs "no, why would I?" I lie again "STOP FUCKING LYING MACEY!!!" dad screams punching my gut making my fly backwards "AHH" I scream at the excruciating pain that hits my back as I come to a holt "tell me the truth!" Dad says drinking the rest of the beer bottle and smashing it in half making it sharp as a knife "I did!" I scream at him "no. your. NOT" he yells stabbing the beer bottle into my side making me bleed. He starts the oven up and I back away "no daddy! please don't burn me! no DAD!" I scream as he picks me up and rips my shirt off exposing my skin to the oven top. I scream at the pain. Dad finally pulls me off the oven top and there is a massive circular red mark from the burn. My dad takes out a butcher knife and slices it against my stomach above the burn. I again scream at the pain. My dad drags me by my hair into the backyard that connects the forest "this is what you get for lying!" dad screams turning into a black wolf before my eyes. my eyes widen "NO DAD DON'T PLEASE!!!" I scream but fail as I feel pain shoot through my chest, I look down to see 3 big claw marks. Dad backs away and pounces on me again this time sinking his teeth into my upper right leg. I kick my left leg hoping to kick and wound my father. I soon do and he whimpers in pain as I stand and run.

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