He's my dad

Swaggy! I swear my dad would've named me that of it wasn't for my mom. But that's not the point. I am still Justin Biebers daughter and I'm following in his footsteps. But what happens when I finally meet a few of my dads best friends. Well one direction. What will happen when my dad figures out I'm in love with one of his friends kids and I may not follow in his footsteps. Will our fathers stop us or will they just let us be happy.


4. The Cheating pt.1

Hi again! Well I'm telling this story In different segments of my life, with Scotty. So this one includes Sassy Tomlinson, little bitch. We are gonna talk about Scotty cheating on me with her so yeah!


Dad was letting borrow his Cadillac to drive to Scotty's house for a "project". I pulled into the drive in of Mr. and Mrs. Styles house, which was huge. I saw Sassy's car in the drive, and pulled in behind it. She better not be here for what I think she's here for! I hopped out of my car and knocked on the door. The door swung open. "Hi Lybia, what brings you here?" Mrs. Styles asked. "Um I'm here to see Scott, does he have a guest?" I answered/asked. "Dammit I can't lie for him your like my daughter! Your dad is my best friend! Yes sassy is here for a "project"," she confirmed me. "Uh I'm here for the "project"." I said returning the favor. "Come in and sit down on the coach. We're gonna surprise him!" She said grievously. I really loved her.

We were sitting on the couch when momma styles yelled Scotty's name. "What mum?" Scotty asked while running down his stairs. I heard Sassy's obnoxious giggling and suddenly stiffened up. "You have a, guest." She assured him while grabbing my hand. A tested rolled down my eye when I saw him and sassy come In the living room. Sassy gasped and squeezed Scotty's arm, causing him to yelp and gasp In pain. "Da-" he looked up "Lybia?" He asked shocked. "No Scott your new ex! I knew this would happen!! Your a fuc-"I was cut off. "Watch your mouth!" Momma styles scolded "but continue!". "Your a damn liar! You said you wouldn't hurt me, and guess what you just hurt me! You know what Scotty your a piece of shit!!" I screamed. Suddenly the wrath of my temper exploded, I just went crazy. I picked my purse and hit Scotty with then walked out of his house. "Your a piece of shit Scotty A PIECE OF SHIT!!!" And I slammed his door

***end of flashback***

Yeah little dramatic but there is more. More fights, love, hate. But most of all that was the first cheating of Lybia, first fighting of Lybia Bieber.

Hey guys. Sorry it's been forever!!! Please follow, fan, and like my stuff. Please read my other movellas and I love you all. Plus I have a new movella so check it out plezzzz. Also this is part 1 of the cheating chapter. There will be some surprises.


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