Hey i am Julie, i work at Nandos, Well until i met this guy. His name was Harry he stole my heart for "fun" i think


4. The Interveiw

"Now Welcome the new Miss.Styles, Julie Boldwin!" i walked out and started waving to the croud of people.

"Hi!" I sat down next to Robbin Robberts

"Hello! How are you?"

"So much better being here!" we laughed "How are you?"

"Great! Now about that boy you've been dating Harry Styles, do you have nicknames for each other

"Well he calls me Julies and sometimes when I text him I call him Haz to get spell check annoyed" everyone laughed

"Are all the fans hard to believe?" she laughed, I looked down at the fans and then where was standing

"Hard to believe, no, they work hard everyday?"

"Is Harry here?" everyone started screaming I smiled and the cheering got louder and louder

"Maybe" everyone started screaming evern louder

"Does he want to come out for a short time?" i nodded my head. "everyone welcome One directions Harry Styles!" Harry walked out and the girls went nuts crying and screaming.

"Hello robbin nice to see you again!" he waved to the crowd 

"Nice to see you too! Now your hight difference is by alot am I right?" I nodded and we all laughed 

"Alomst by a foot!" harry laughed "i am 6"3 and Julie is 5"5"

"Julie do you ever get tired of the fans?" I looked at Harry and then a tall girl in the audience

"Never! They are just like sisters!" they started screaming even louder as we held hands

"well thank you both for coming see you next time on GMA!"

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